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Trump appoints Sebastian Gorka to the National Security Education Board

The 14-member board oversees a government program that awards scholarships and scholarships to students and offers grants to colleges and universities to meet “the national need for critical language and regional experts.” In its statement, the NSEP states that one of its goals is to “produce an increased pool of jobseekers in the U.S. government departments and agencies with national security responsibilities.”

The board consists of six presidential nominees and a number of other representatives from the entire administration.

Gorka, a former assistant to the president, left the administration in 201
7 after then-Chief of Staff John Kelly took over and cleaned the house. At that time, the White House issued an unallocated statement saying that Gorka did not resign, but was no longer on staff and no longer had access to the White House’s foundations.
In 2017, CNN interviewed a dozen international experts and researchers in security and terrorism who said that Gorka’s experience in its field is limited. They pointed out that Gorka does not speak Arabic, has traveled very little in Muslim countries and has never worked in any official leadership or leadership role in foreign policy, intelligence or the military.

Gorka was, and has been, one of Trump’s most prominent cheerleaders, who often struck the airwaves to defend the president’s policies and public statements. But his role outside of TV appearances was unclear. He did not play an important political role, according to administration officials, and was not a member of the National Security Council.

Gorka’s work for Trump dates back to 2015; Reports from the Federal Election Commission showed that Gorka was paid $ 8,000 in October to be a policy consultant for the Trump campaign.

A CNN K-File review of Gorka’s public comments during the presidential campaign shows that even after his work for Trump, the former Breitbart security editor offered scathing criticism of his future boss’s rhetoric on important foreign policy issues from terrorism to Russia and China.

Gorka, a British-born American citizen with Hungarian parents, was known for his stern warnings about Islamic terrorism when he was at Breitbart.

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