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Trump applauds Jexodus' movement, urging Jewish voters to become Republicans

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                  Preisdent Donald Trump has lambasted Democrats as the" anti-Israel "party and has argued that the party's lurch to the left in recent years has alienated Jewish voters. Pool / Getty Images </p>
<p>  On Friday, President Donald Trump explained that the Republican Party "is waiting with open arms" to welcome Jewish voters whom he said flee the "total disrespect" they have been shown by the Democrats, whom the GOP has accused of housing anti-Semitic emotions. </p>
<p>  The president predicted the so-called "Jexodus" movement – which seems to be a grassroots movement aimed at getting Jewish millennials to expel the Democratic Party a lot – the following segment on Fox News and the right outlet One America News Network with it growing organization. </p><div>
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"Jexodus" movement encourages the Jewish people to leave the Democratic Party "skr ev he in a tweet. "Total disrespect! Republicans are waiting with open arms. Remember Jerusalem (US Embassy) and the horrible Iran Nuclear Deal!"

Trump has lambasted the Democrats as the "anti-Israel" party after a series of freshman rep comments. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) If the politician's support for Israel was considered by many to be laced with anti-Semitic troops. Omar's comments last week in the House overwhelmingly resulted in a resolution condemning bigotry that some said did not go far enough to uniquely identify the Minnesota Congress woman.

Trump has argued that even though Jewish Americans tended to be reliable democratic voters, the party's shots have left in recent years, as evidenced by its split over Omar's comments, alienated Jewish voters.

The so-called Jexodus movement, which Trump has now promised twice in recent days, seems to have cut about the same time as the annual conservative CPAC collection, where Trump campaign advisor Jeff Ballabon tweeted that he "broke the news about the newest # Jewish movement. "

A site for Jexodus lists only a spokesman, model and former Trump campaign staff Elizabeth Pipko, and no other staff. A description on the site says Jewish millennials are "tired of living in congestion on the left politics" and accusing Democrats of taking the Jewish voice for granted.

Until recently, support to Israel was almost unanimous in both political parties, but the Democratic Party's mood-based base has become increasingly supportive of Palestinian rights and caused a split that the Congress Democrats have publicly struggled to face.

The president, who himself has been accused of promoting anti-Semitic stereotypes and does not thoroughly condemn hate speech, has placed himself as a champion in Israel throughout his presidency.

Trump has been an extremely close ally with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and last year it followed an often-repeated promise by both parties' presidents to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He also drew the United States from Iran's nuclear agreement, a move that Israel had long been pushing for and that Trump invoked lobbying Jewish voters to swap parties.

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