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Trump administration now says that the whole affordable health care should be cut down

In an application with a federal appeal court, the Justice Department agreed with the judgment of a federal judge in Texas that invalidated the Obama era health laws.

In a letter Monday evening, the administration said, "It does not call for any part of the court's judgment to be reversed." , spokesman for the Ministry of Justice.

It's a big shift for the justice department from when Jeff Sessions was a lawyer. At that time, the administration claimed that the social classification rule and the requirement of guaranteed problem – protection of persons with existing conditions – could not be defended, but the rest of the law could stand.

After the Department of Justice took that position, federal district judge Reed O & # 39; Connor knocked down the entire law and the case is currently ahead of a federal appeal court.

Trump and the administration repeatedly promised ̵

1; especially up to the mid-term – protection of people with less than perfect medical stories.

But this change in the Attorney General's position is doubled in removing all the protection that was a hallmark of landmark law reform law.

Trump administration would not defend the law in court so a coalition of 21 democratic states led by California stepped in.

"This trial is as dangerous as it is ruthless. It threatens the care of tens of millions of Americans across the country – from California to Kentucky and all the way to Maine," California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement. "The Affordable Care Act is an integral part of our care system. Since no Americans should fear losing care, we will defend ACA every step of the way."

After the election of November, representatives also moved to defend the law. In short pages filed with the Appellate Court, lawyers said that if R & D's condemnation would be held "the consequences will be devastating".

"Millions of Americans will be denied cheap health care," the lawyers wrote. They added that "insurance costs will skyrocket" and "Medicare recipients will face steep increases in the price of drugs and other services."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the administration's position constituted "all-out war against the American people's health care".

"On the very first day that the democratic majority held the gable, the House of Representatives directed action against the Republicans' monstrous health struggle to defend people with existing conditions and health care for all Americans," Pelosi said in a statement. "While Trump Administration is broadening its monstrous ambitions from destroying protection for pre-existing conditions to tearing down every lasting benefit and protection afforded by affordable caretaker law, Democrats strongly defend the nation's law and protect all American health care." [19659002] Sen. Kamala Harris, a California Democrat, became the first 2020 candidate to weigh in on filing with his critics Monday night. During the January Bar of Bar William Barr's confirmation hearing, Harris asked if he was open to reconsider the department's position. He replied, "Yes."

"Trump and his administration are trying to take health care away from tens of millions of Americans – again," Harris wrote in a tweet. "We have to fight back with everything we have and in 2020 we have to choose a president who will make the care right."

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