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Trudeau & # 39; brownface & # 39; Controversy creates a divide in Canadian racial settings

  Justin Trudeau and the Canadian flag

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said of his "brownface" incident: "I am disappointed and pissed off at myself." | Philippe Wojazer / Pool via AP


Canada has had these incidents in the past, and the aftermath has tended to follow a pattern.

Canada has had these incidents before – just never involving anyone so famous, at such a sequel. And the aftermath has tended to follow a pattern.

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If the story repeats itself, the bombshell news of Trudeau participating in a party 20 years ago in brown makeup, reported by Time magazine Wednesday evening, will share t He lands in bitter disagreement over the extent to which this is considered a Canadian controversy.

The result of this argument will help determine whether Trudeau, who had already been plagued by a corruption scandal and waning support from some progressives, survives an already-ending contest to win a second term on October 21.

Earlier incidents of this type have seen some Canadians try to claim that brownface or blackface is an American import – and that the uproar over it is considered over-the-top political correctness in a country without the same history as Jim Crow laws and Al Jolson minstrel -show.

Especially in French-speaking Quebec, some commentators have rolled their eyes, or even shaken back, at criticism of blackface incidents in their province. It is despite the fact that Quebec has been home to a number of these debates over the past decade. The incidents included a post-treatment of Jamaican-Canadian star Hawk P.K. The bitch; students pretending to be Jamaican athletes; and someone else who portrays himself as a Senegalese-born comedian.

"The News Flash: Cultural codes, and thus cultural taboos, sometimes differ from people to people and society to society," wrote a prominent Quebec-based pundit in the midst of such a debate in 2015.

"Blackface, used in the The disgusting minstrels who used to represent stereotypical and generic versions of blacks as dimwitted are not as well known in French Quebec as they are in English-speaking North America. The term blackface doesn't even have a French equivalent, "he wrote.

Don't expect Trudeau to come so easily.

Initially, he grew up speaking English, well versed in the US taboo, and this a special one incident occurred when he was almost 30 years old and lived in British Columbia.

A large Canadian battle also finds that these incidents are as scandalous as their American neighbors.

They claim that historical differences are no excuse for blackface to have a Equally reprehensible – if less known – place in Canada's story.

The Minstrel show was also once popular in Canada. In fact, the composer of Canada's national anthem, Calixa Lavallée, was performed in blackface in such shows. to say that blackface is as Canadian as [the anthem] O Canada "says a McGill University website that handles the topic.

Canadian Prime Minister's reelection ampanj was intoxicated by the Trudeau report wearing what he described as "brownface makeup" as part of an outfit at an Arabian Nights theme party at a school in British Columbia where he was teaching at the time.

Trudeau defended himself Wednesday night by saying that he should have known better, but not, and was sorry. He said he had dressed in an Aladdin suit two decades ago for a party when he was a teacher, and had previously dressed in similar fashion when attending high school at a talent show.

"I am disappointed and pissed at myself," Trudeau said, agreeing that the act of painting brown was racist.

Before Trudeau spoke, he was appointed by one of his political opponents who usually describes him as a friend. [19659008] "So shocked," said Green Party leader Elizabeth May, describing her initial reaction to the news.

"It's shameful. When I look at it – and it's rare for me – I'm almost speechless, "she said." I don't know how he's recovering. "

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