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Trinidad woman dies from swine flu – Stabroek News

(Trinidad Guardian) A tabaquite woman has died from swine flu

Relatives said medical officials only confirmed Nicole Seecharan contracted the deadly H1 N1 virus days after her death.

Now those who were in immediate Contact with the forms taxi driver are asked to take necessary precautions.

Seecharan's death occurred just before Minister of Health Terrance Deyalsingh confirmed that the deadly virus was back in the country in late December.

During a recent interview with Guardian Media, Deyalsingh said there were 10 cases of the H1 N1 virus in the country. However, they did not confirm that there were any recent deaths.

Seecharan, 47, mainly transported students to and from various schools in the Tabaquite area daily.

Guardian Media spoke to her sister, Camilla Seecharan, at her home in Tabaquite. She said Nicole first got the flu in mid-November but for some reason it went away it kept coming back.

On December 5, Nicole went to a private doctor who discovered she was a diabetic.

After realizing there was no change in Nicole's health, Camilla decided to admit her sister to the San Fernando General Hospital on December 9. She said the following day Nicole was admitted to the Intensive

"They died on the death certificate is cardiac arrest, she was an asthmatic and a diabetic," Camilla said.

Nicole's funeral took place on December 1


" When the body came they say don't let one touch the body, "Camilla added.

A request which Camilla says got her curious. Nurse at the Tabaquite Health Center requesting a meeting. However, it did not occur that day.

"Thursday morning I received a call from Dr (Sanjiv) Parasram he say he in the area and he want to come by me to have a visit. I said no problem. When he came now he started counting, because you know your sister died out of swine flu … because they took blood and the blood went up to Port of Spain then it came back to Couva which contacted the Tabaquite Health Center. 19659002] She also disclosed that, "The head of the Tabaquite Health Center told us that all of us who interacted with Nicole had to go and take the shot, immediately, everybody." She is upset that the San Fernando General Hospital did not inform them of the real reason for her sister's death.

"They never told us that even when Nicole died there that morning and they allowed us to go and visit her and hug her and cried . They didn't tell me it's not near here. Don't touch the patient. They did not do that, ”Camilla said.

An angry Camilla added:“ Educate people on it, let them know how to take measures to protect themselves. Every night I cry, I think about her and I say they could have been here they could have done more. Calls to Dr. Parasram on his cell phone unanswered.

Recently the Health Minister appealed to citizens to get the influenza vaccine to prevent possible hospitalization or even death during the flu season.

The season runs from October each year to May the following year

Though the vaccine is available free of charge, health officials said only a few people availed themselves of it.

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