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TRD has coal Aero and 19 "wheels that you want for your Supra

Image: TRD on Facebook

This weekend marked a collection called "Supra is back to Japan Fes" gathering of Supra enthusiasts celebrating the return of Toyota sports car. TRD used this event as an opportunity to show a new Supra with carbon fiber belts and 19 "wheels promised. The bit is sold separately, but is currently only available through Japanese distributors, so you need to find a way to import them if you simply must have them for your Supra. Where there is a will, there is one way.

Personally, I think the TRD supplements are sporty and tasteful, with edges adding an aggression that was desperately missing from the front fascia of the car. Backside spoilers and ducktail are race-ready.

There is one piece that is an exception to the fantastic one. This "door panel" looks like it takes things a little too far. It seems like a side diffuser, smoothing turbulent air over the body. side, but it looks like a big random plot. Perhaps it would be colder if it was painted in body color. [19659006] The wheels are 19X9 front and 19X10 on the back. Lusive wheels are forged aluminum pieces in a multispoke design that is simple but attractive.

You can see more pictures of these parts on the TRD's website. Importing can be a pain, but it can be worth it if you want your Supra to stand out from the audience. I would not doubt that TRD will eventually distribute these parts in the United States, but perhaps it is not unique forever.

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