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Tragic hero Trevor Cahill pays for Runaway Ambition

Wednesday afternoon the angels lost one near one to Minnesota Twins, 8-7. Angels pitcher Trevor Cahill took the loss, making six deserved 4.1 innings pitches run, so you already know it wasn't his best day. The defining moment for Cahill's unfortunate outing, and certainly the most regrettable, came in the second innings, when Jonathan Schoop dropped a 2-2 sinker up the first baseline and a cool Cahill was urged to make a difficult game. [19659002] It's not so much that Cahill failed to play, and it's not even that Cahill in his hurry chucked the ball into foul territory, giving runners an extra base on the error. Even the back-end attempt, which was not recommended as it was, is not the worst part of this game. No, the most heartbreaking part of the game is the sight of Cahill's bad glove, suddenly alone and bouncing lost in infield dirt.


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Here is an even more amazing and wonderful picture of this lovely tragicomedy] I also like much about Cahill's unlucky jerking and fidgeting, still gloveless, after the play step, with a thin and unmatched spud on his face, while teammate Jared Walsh chases the ball in the dugout. That game had no chance, and I mean zero chance to train. Probably the humiliation of the moment will prevent Cahill from trying to make such folly ever again, but I really hope I'm wrong.

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