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Trade talks, Chelsea Manning, North Korea, Colorado school shooting, moon mission: 5 things to know for today

first Trade talks

Well now it's getting real. The Trump administration raised tariffs on $ 200 billion worth of Chinese imports just after midnight. The tariffs went from 10% to 25%. China promised it will hit back. US and Chinese negotiators will resume trade talks later today in Washington. US consumers haven't really felt the bite of tariffs so far, but that could change with this round because these expanded tariffs could result in a 25% tax on almost everything else the US imports from China. So that your shoes, toys and iPhones could become more expensive. One of these is the 25% tariff on apparel imports alone, and a family of four and an additional $ 500 a year.

2. Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning is out of jail ̵
1; for now. The former Army intelligence analyst had been locked up for about two months after refusing to testify to a grand jury about her disclosure of military and diplomatic secrets to WikiLeaks. Manning was released Thursday from custody in a detention center in Virginia because the grand jury has disbanded. But she could soon return to jail because she received a separate subpoena while she was detained. Her attorneys say she won't testify in response to that subpoena either.

3. North Korea

The United States has seized a North Korean cargo ship that's suspected of being an integral part of the North's alleged sanctions violations. The ship, called the Wise Honest, hauled coal from North Korea that was sold in other countries, including China. The United States and the United States say North Korea's nuclear weapons help fund fund. The ship's seizure will only raise already heightened tensions between the two countries. US efforts to get the North to its nuclear program have stalled, and in less than a week North Korea launched two short-range missiles.

4. Colorado school shooting

Were some signs of trouble missed at STEM School Highlands Ranch? There is a student at the suburban Denver school thinks there. She told CNN the school – where one student died in a shooting this week – had a "pressure cooker" environment. She said she had heard reports of violence, sexual assault and bullying. She also noticed that her child and others were getting enough sleep and seemed stressed out. So she called a county school board member, said that a "perfect storm" was brewing "for something like a Columbine." The school disputes the allegations and has parents who had filed a defamation lawsuit against her.

5. Moon mission

Jeff Bezos is ready to go to the moon. The Amazon CEO (who just happens to be the world's richest man) unveiled Blue Moon, a new spacecraft designed to land on the moon. It's made by Blue Origin, Bezos' secretive rocket company. He took the wraps off a new rocket engine called BE-7, too. He not only wants to go to the moon, he wants to be able to stay there to do work. Bezos says humanity could solve some of its biggest problems, like what it called an inevitable energy crisis, by accessing resources.


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