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Toy Story 4 has a End Credits Scene, it seems

Toy Story 4 reviews are in and critics love largely the latest Pixar animation. It may be due to the deep history of affiliation and independence, or it may be because Toy Story 4 has a final credit scenario.

Director Josh Cooley (Inside Out, Up) revealed via Twitter that both fans and filmmakers would "stay after the credits" for a possible surprise. "The story doesn't end to the last frame," Cooley concluded, suggesting something special is waiting at the end of the toy story.

Debut this weekend Friday June 21, Toy Story 4 already has the best opening box office weekend at Toy Story- films. 2010 Toy Story 3 is set at $ 110 million, behind Toy Story 4's steady climb of $ 121 million. Toy Story 2 is about $ 57 million, while the first Toy Story collected $ 29 million.

While Toy Story 3 ended up "perfect", Pixar revealed how it brought together another story for Andy's toys. With Bo-Peep established as the main character, producer Jonas Rivera found that the relationship between Woody and Bo-Peep was "so interesting to us [at Pixar]." Cooley agreed and said, "So that was our goal for this movie: to make this [second] meeting [between Woody and Bo-Peep] so powerful, it would be deserved by Toy Story 4."

Toy Story 4 is now in theaters. 19659008]
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