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Tornado in Jefferson City: Residents take to social media after powerful storm

After a tornado ripped through Jefferson City, Mo. Late Wednesday, resident in a community with images and video showing the wrath of the storm.


One resident shared a video showing that here Apartment's balcony was ripped off of the building and flung onto the roof of her mother's car by the twister.

“My bedroom window is completely blown through with bricks everywhere. It's bad guys, ”Kayleigh De Rosa said in the video.

KRCG reporter Elyse Smith shared De Rosa's video to social media, claiming that it shows severe structural damage to the Hawthorne Apartments in Jefferson City. ] Another user shared snap chat video with a 1

2:14 am timestamp from the Jefferson City area. The clip shows debris littering the streets that appear to be illuminated by the red and blue lights of emergency vehicles.

"Very heartbreaking. Many prayers for everyone impacted tonight, "wrote Christopher Pipkin, who is an aspiring meteorologist at Missouri State University, according to his Twitter bio.

A video claimed to show the tornado's funnel was shared by another resident.

The Jefferson City Police Department has yet to confirm any fatalities but has been reported, according to Kansas City's Fox 4.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP not to call 9-1-1 unless they are reporting a traumatic injury, Kansas City's Fox 4 reported. The task force is asking residents not to assist in cleaning up the storm at this point.

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