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Top athletes join Mary Cain to share stories of abuse at Nike

Former running star, Mary Cain, talks this week about body shaming and alleged psychological abuse at the recently disbanded Nike Oregon project that is encouraging other top athletes to come forward.

Amy Yoder Begley, a 10,000 meter long runner Friday, was told she had the "biggest butt on the starting line." Kara Goucher's husband said that Olympian endured "disgusting" comments from coaches.

Nike says it's investigating, but the cascade of accusations that have followed Oregon Project director Alberto Salazar's four-year doping ban has some in the sport saying a day of counting has long been delayed.

Questions about Salazar's methods with his set of top US runners had swirled for years before the US Anti-Doping Agency found him guilty last month of conducting experiments with supplements and testosterone bankrolled and supported by Nike. [19659002] But Cain's complaining story of harassment and abuse while being part of Salazar's training group, which she joined as a 17-year-old phenomenon in 2013, has prompted other former athletes in the Nike Oregon Project to share their stories.

in a New York Times video essay, Cain, now 23, states: "I was emotionally and physically abused by a system designed by Alberto and approved by Nike."

Cain said she was fussed about losing weight and was humiliated in public when she failed to hit goals, ended her period for three years and lost so much bone density that she broke five legs. She said it came to the point where she started cutting herself and having suicidal thoughts. She left the program in 2016.

Salazar, who has denied any involvement in doping, on Friday issued a statement to The Oregonian: "I have never encouraged her, or worse, embarrassed her, for keeping an unhealthy weight."

Nike said in a statement that these are "deeply troubling allegations that have not been brought by Mary or her parents before. Mary tried to rejoin the Oregon Project and Alberto's team as late as April this year and had not brought them concerns as part of the process. "

Cain acknowledged that he wanted to work with Salazar again, noting that she did so" when we let people emotionally break us, we ask for their approval more than anything. " doping bans helped her find the clarity to talk about the offending conditions.

The sports apparel giant also said it will "take the allegations extremely seriously and will begin an immediate investigation to hear from former Oregon Project athletes." 19659002] They are already talking.

Four-time Olympian Shalane Flanagan, who returned from competing driving last month to coach with the Nike Bowerman Track Club, tweeted to Cain that "I had no idea it was so bad. "Flanagan, the 2017 New York City Marathon champion, has been a Nike runner for a long time but was never part of the Oregon project.

"I'm so sorry … I never reached out to you when I saw you fight," Flanagan wrote. "I made excuses for myself why I should think about my own business. We'll let you. I will never turn my head again."

Yoder Begley, who now coaches the Atlanta Track Club, said she was kicked out of Salazar's team after placing sixth in the 10,000 meters at the national championships in 2011.

"I was told I was too bold and "had the biggest butt on the starting line. "This brings back the painful memories," said the Olympian in 2008.

Goucher, a former Oregon project manager who helped provide evidence for the USADA's case against Salazar, tweeted "the culture was unbearable . "

Her husband, Adam Goucher, who also ran for the group, tweeted that after placing fifth in the Boston Marathon 2011 at a personal best of 2 hours, 24 minutes – one of the fastest times for an American woman there the year, and six months after having a baby – Salazar and a sports psychologist told her mother and sister that she needed to lose her baby weight if she wanted to be fast again.

Adam Goucher said that his own weight was also a problem while training during Salazar. [19659024]
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