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Tongue Snip Surgeries can be overused on newborns

THURSDAY, JULY 11, 2019 (HealthDay News) – For many American newborns, unnecessary tongue and lip surgery can improve their ability to breastfeed, a new study finds.

These minor "tether release" or frenotomy surgery involve a snip, with either sterile scissors or a laser, to loosen the fracture. It is the thin band of tissue that connects a baby's tongue to the bottom of the mouth, or the upper lip of the gum.

It is believed that an excessively tight connection at some point – medically called ankyloglossia – can interfere with or even prevent breastfeeding.

Frenotomy has gone in and out of fashion over the last century, and its popularity seems to be on the rise again, says the study's leading author Dr. Christopher Hartnick.

"We've seen Number of heavy ties and upper lip tether release operations increase dramatically nationwide, without any real strong data to show that these are effective for breastfeeding," says Hartnick. He leads pediatric otolaryngology on Pediatric Airway, Voice and Swallowing Center, part of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear in Boston.

In fact, there was a 1

0-fold increase in such operations in the United States between 1997 (1,279 operations) and 2012 (12,406 operations), noted Hartnick's group in one.

In some cases, movement constraints caused by tongue and lip tether may result in problems with breastfeeding, but in rare cases they may affect dental health or speech later in childhood.

But is "snip" now overused? To find out, the researchers examined 115 newborns who had already been referred by other doctors to undergo a heavy surgery.

But instead of going directly to the surgery, each mother-new-born couple underwent careful breastfeeding and speech-speaking evaluation, conducted by an interdisciplinary team of clinics.

After the evaluation, almost 63% of the newborns did not with the operations. As for the rest of the infants, 10 (about 9%) had undergone lip surgery alone and 32 (28%) underwent both lip and tongue surgery, according to the report.

"We do not have a crystal ball that can tell us which babies can benefit most from the tongue or upper lip trigger," says Hartnick in the press release. But the new results indicate that the wider use of a comprehensive clinical evaluation may prevent babies from having the operation when they do not need it. [function] pixelForFacebook () {var e, t, n, i, r, o; e = window, t = document, n = "script", e.fbq || ( i = e.fbq = function () {i.callMethod i.callMethod.apply (i, argument):? i.queue.push (argument)}, e._fbq || (e._fbq = i), (i .push = i) .loaded =! 0, i.version = "2.0", i.queue = [] (r = t.createElement (n)). async =! 0, r.src = "http : //connect.facebook.net/en_US/fbevents.js ", (o = t.getElementsByTagName (n) [0]). parent .insertFor (r, o)), fbq (" init "," 428750600651790 ") , fbq ("track", "PageView")} function pixelForTwitter () {var e, t, n, i, r, o; e = window, t = document, n = "script", e.twq || ( ( i = e.twq = function () {i.exe i.exe.apply (i, argument) 😕 i.queue.push (argument)}) version = "1.1", i.queue = [] (r = t.createElement (n)). async. =! 0, r.src = "// static.ads-twitter.com /uwt.js",(o=t.getElementsByTagName(n)[0]).parentNode.insertBefore(r,o)),twq("init "," nxo3v "), twq (" track "," PageView ")} function pixelForPinterest () {! functions (if) {if (! window.pintrk) {window.pintrk = function () {window.pintrk.queue.push (Array.prototype.slice.call (argument))}; var t = window.pintrk; t.queue = [] t.version = "3.0"; var n = document.createElement ("script"); n.async =! 0, n.src = "https: // s .pinimg.com / ct / core.js"; var jag = document.getElementsByTagName ("script") [0]; i.parentNode.insertBefore (n, i)}} (), pintrk ("load", "2618142259440"), pintrk ("page"), pintrk ("track", "pagevisit")} pixelForReddit () {! the function (e, t) {if (! e.rdt) {var n = e.rdt = function () {n.sendEvent? n.sendEvent.apply (n, argument): n.callQueue.push (arguments)}; n.callQueue = []; var i = t.createElement ("script"); src = "https://www.redditstatic.com/ads/pixel.js", i.async =! 0; var r = t.getElementsByTagName ("script") [0]; r.parentNode.insertBefore (i, r)}} (window, document), rdt ("init", "t2_109a14pl"), rdt ("track", "PageVisit")}! function () {var e; window.s_topic && (e = s_topic.match /^7 on the/gi)),window.s_topic&&!e&&-1===[“1634″,”1663″,”1664″,”1669″,”1695″,”1700″,”1703″,”1705″,”1707″,”1709″,”1711″,”1719″,”1756″,”1760″,”1761″,”1762″,”1783″,”1814″,”1818″,”1819″,”1835″,”1840″,”2730″,”2756″,”2857″,”2950″,”2952″,”2953″,”3079″,”3236″,”3539″,”3540″,”3541″,”3552″,”3571″,”3607″,”3608″,”3623″,”3631″,”3637″,”3644″,”3838″,”3927″,”3928″,”3930″,”3937″,”3939″,”3950″,”3951″,”3954″,”3958″,”3962″,”3963″,”3965″,”3966″,”3971″,”3989″,”4010″,”4048″,”4049″,”4050″,”4052″,”4058″,”4099″,”4119″,”4121″,”4140″,”4203″,”4222″,”4227″,”4228″,”4236″,”4242″,”4251″,”4254″,”4257″,”5555″,”6041″,”18091″,”18092″,”18093″,”18094”].indexOf(window.s_topic)&& (PixelForFacebook () , pixelForTwitter (), pixelForPinterest (), pixelForReddit ())} () [19659013]
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