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Tom Brady “has not missed a beat” learning Buc’s playlist

Tom Brady does not look like a man learning a new playlist with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, according to teammate Ronald Jones.

Brady has been preparing for his first NFL season since the end of his glittering New England Patriots career.

The 43-year-old quarterback won six Super Bowl rings in Foxborough but is now making his mark as a Bucs star.

The adjustment period is also going well, says running back Jones, with Brady blending seamlessly into practice so far.

“As for Tom, I would not even know it [he was new]”Jones told reporters.

“Neither of the guys would know that he had to learn it because he has not missed a beat. He has not missed anyone on a play or [anything] like it, so you would not even know.

“Of course you know his resume, so it’s good to be out there with a guy like that, a real field general.”

Jones, who had 31 receptions for 309 yards last year, along with his 172 yards for 724 yards and six rushing touchdowns, has been working with Brady this season and the former USC star hopes there will be chemistry out in the field from week 1. .

“Working with Tom was great, being able to get some chemistry, so he could see my pace, my speed, my routes and stuff,” Jones said.

“So when we hit the field in week 1, we’re ready and he knows how to get rid of me.

“I’m telling you now [the most important thing is] just to get that chemistry with [offensive] line and with Tom Brady as quarterback.

“Since we will not have for the season, the first unit will fly bullets week 1. I’m excited, we’m happy.

“But I think [it is important] just to get time and things down – things like that – so when we go out there, things just flow. “

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