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To live longer, start running now, even just a little

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It may be possible to die out at least for a little while, according to a new study.

An international research group analyzed data from 1

4 previous studies with a total of 232 149 people who had been tracking their health by researchers for at least five years and for as long as 35 years. The association was found among both men and women and even when a person went for just one slow jog a week or even less.

"Any running, even just once a week is better than no running," Card is blished in the British Journal of Sports Medicine concludes.

Running was also linked to a 30 percent lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and a 23 percent less chance of dying from cancer.

Even small "doses" of running that come in during the recommended weekly period for vigorous physical activity appear to fend off death.

"Increased proportions of participation in running, regardless of dose, would probably lead to significant improvements in population health and longevity," the study reads.

There are many questions the study leaves unanswered, but whether increasing the dose of driving in Frequency, exertion and duration can also increase the apparent longevity benefits.

The data did not seem to show that lots of driving meant much more days on this planet, but at least some runs seem to be linked

The researchers warn themselves that the study says nothing about possible causes of the relationship between driving and longevity and that various methods used by the studies that the team analyzed may smudge the water a bit.

"More studies are needed for to investigate how long-term driving behavior rather than occasional participation is associated with mortality tsrisk, "they write." Future studies should also consider evaluating driving habits using activity trackers, as these units can provide more detailed and accurate insight into running behavior. "