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Tina Fey's musical on Broadway – Variety

Tina Fey's catty book and Nell Benjamin's sweet textpump laugh in "Mean Girls", a smart and fun musical comedy show of the 2004 iconic high school movie that made Lindsay Lohan and Teenage Dodol.

The college girls who laughed stupidly on Tina Feys 2004 movies are now old enough to take their own teenage daughters to this exciting musical adaptation of the girly movie. The show's great fun factor does not come as a surprise ̵

1; its immortal theme for high school-as-living-hell makes it possible for Broadway musical form. You can not have too much pink or too much bitchery in a show about beautiful, popular "Apex Predators" (as one of the witty songs would have) throwing their helpless bytes and leaving their victims traumatized for life. [19659004] Director Choreographer Casey Nicholaw (Direction = 9/10, Choreography = 6/10) receives this material. The scene swirles with non-stop traffic, if not perfectly performed dance movement. And Gregg Barnes costumes come in clear colors. Staging is actually too busy, too colorful, too high, as if Nicholaw does not want us to notice that there is not much interest.

Fey is faithful to her own original film scenario about the "medium sized girls" who govern the low society, called high school and Cady Heron (the equal and attentive Erika Henningsen), a transitional student from Kenya who is in a another kind of jungle.

The title of the show refers to the three alpha girls dictating the popularity rules governing the social rituals at the North Shore High School in Chicago. Ashley Park is cute as Gretchen, the insecure. Kate Rockwell is appealing as Karen, the stupid. And Taylor Louderman, like Regina George, chief executive leader, is every inch "Animal Queen". All three of these young thesps have mastered the appearance, the movements and the attitude that has earned their characters the collective title of "Plastics".

The purpose of the customer Gregg Barnes coordinated outfits of nice tops and teen skirts, these tyrants are the last word in power fashion. "You can not carry a bag two days in a row," according to Gretchen. "And you can only wear your hair in a horse tail once a week."

Surprisingly, these little snobs want Cady to join the tribe. And Cady, who is starving for human comradeship after a life in African bushes, is pleased to play the victim – an error assessment launching the plot.

Fey has featured the show with big gags, as the course in "Health and Human Sexuality" is taught by coach Carr, who informs her class that "in the fall we will make the state compulsory unit of detention." And then in spring we condoms and nourishment. "Fey also throws a lot of stylish en-liners that actually serves as a student's delightful description of her best friend as" almost for gay to work. "

Nell Benjamin's lyrics are not half as wise as Fey & # 39's off-the-cuff wisecracks, but they get the job done and are scarce enough to make you listen to the good stuff, giving enough payouts to reward your attention. Parallel, this passage from "Where Do You Belong?" A song like the good Janis (Barrett Wilbert Weed) and Damian (The Lovely Gray Henson) sing Cady as they take her on a tour of the cafeteria looking for the right crowd for her. "Varsity Jocks and JV Jocks / Get you in a locker room if you say" hello "/ The Rich Stoners Hate Gangsta Whites / Though they're all smokin" same oregano. "The smart song takes care of every click in full school, which is pretty good for a song.

Cadys problems begin when she disappears her true friends Janis and Damian for Plastics, promising to turn her into a popular girl. Louderman is amazing as the girl you love to hate. "My name is Regina George. / And I'm a huge business. / Fear me Love Me. / Stand and gaze at me. "If the music was less monotonous and as witty as the lyrics, we would probably leave the theater's humming lines like those.

Fans of the original movie should make sure that nothing has been cleared from history. Cady falls for Regina's ex boyfriend, Aaron a very clean Kyle Selig), which makes her former friend Regina and her bratpack to come after her with chlorine bared.

Henningsen has the knowledge (and the voice) to make Cady the good girl she needs to be. And she gives Cady grace as she needs to laugh at herself. In "Stupid Love" Cady confesses to a beaten breast with love: "He ran from me / ran literally from me. / And to be Kenyan / He ran fast. "

However, despite Cadys fine mind and Henningsen's quick witness, good girls are not half as fun as bad girls. So, Regina (and Louderman) wins this competition – no matter what the book says.

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