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Tim Benz: If anyone is two-faced, it's Antonio Brown, not Ben Roethlisberger

About an hour ago

Ben Roethlisberger admitted to KDKA-TV about his comments about Antonio Brown after last season's loss in Denver went too far.

He apologized for that during a sit down with Bob Pompeani that aired Monday .

That wasn't good enough for Mr. Big Chest.

As Roethlisberger himself pointed out, sometimes when it comes to the media – and social media – you can't take back things you say. about him not running properly at the end of the loss to the broncos, so be it.

But a few hours before the interview aired, Roethlisberger's apology became public. That's when Brown sent this tweet

If that’s directed to anyone besides Roethlisberger, there needs to be a clarification. And none has come. So I feel safe assuming that quip was aimed at Roethlisberger's apology, which Brown apparently is not accepting.

I also feel safe is pointing out the irony that Brown is painting anyone else as being a phony. Because "Tony Toe Tap" could just be referred to as "Tony Two Face."

Seriously. When it comes to people misrepresenting themselves in a light than what they deserve, is a greater offender than Brown? A.B. is always friendly, all smiles, celebrations and playing with his kids on Instagram. [Unfortunatelyhisbreadingball-demandingandcantankerouswhenthecamerasarerolling-atleastwhenthecamerasaren'toperatedbyhissocialmediateamorhimself

That's Antonio Brown in a nutshell. Two-faced. Get used to it. And he's not a different person after signing in Oakland, as he'd like Raiders' management to believe.

As we recall from his minicamp meltdown last summer, Brown still doesn't seem to have the concept that all the attention placed on his social media activity is spawned by his own constant desire to post.

Hey, A.B. Want us to stop monitoring your life? Stop giving us stuff to read. It's a pretty simple concept, really.

Brown is a walking sideshow. We know that by now. What is more important, however, is why last year's Steelers team rookie of year Terrell Edmunds liked that "two face" tweeted by Brown.

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