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Tiger Woods saves even 72, but notes – gulp – his back was tight

Tiger Woods rallied for a brief 72 th Thursday in the opening round of the 43rd Memorial Tournament. It had to feel good. It would probably have been better if it was not too stiffness that contributed to his slow start.

Woods, a five-hour winner at the Muirfield Village Golf Club, stood 4 pairs through seven holes before finding a way to play around the tightness of his surgically repaired back. The early games included a run outside the 5-5 hole boundary, leading to a double bogey.

"Yes, I did not rotate well today, back was tight, and that's what it's a few days, Says Woods, who seemed to spin better than rotate." I made a tweak in my swing, my attitude and I saw and I could do some good swings on the nine back and turned the whole thing. "

Despite the limited movement, Woods could still fly his 3-wood 280-290 meters in the hot and mellow air.

He birdied four holes on his in-nine nine, the foremost nine, including three in a row that started at fifth. He finished the round with a pair of save with a 6-footer after having to post up for a 1

98-meter unit in the left-hand trees. " I just hate to stop a bogey, "he said, looking satisfied.

How is this tightness in the back? Woods had spinal fusion surgery about 13 months ago so, yes, you could imagine that problems come to occur? But how serious are they?

Remember that before r 10 years ago he won the last of his 14 major titles and his third American open at Torrey Pines, near San Diego, with a injured leg that he did not completely reveal until after undergoing surgery the week after defeating Rocco Mediate in a playoff.

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He said it never released Thursday despite the mild conditions.

"I have days so," Woods, who failed to break 70 in the opening round for the 8th time in the nine PGA Tour, began this season. "My back is melted. I'll have days where it's just tight. Sorry, today was one of these days, and that's okay." I have no pain, thank God. It's just tight. So, no biggy. "[19659011] The golfer Grant Boone tweeted a logical response to this remark that must be on the minds of more than a few observers:

"With the tiger's history of revealing the extent of his injuries, my default reaction is to assume it's a biggy until proven otherwise. "

Woods, who played 36 holes in Shinnecock earlier this week in preparation for the US Open, could simply have been tight from some overuse. But he showed that he was suitable for registering four birdies in his last eight holes. So maybe it's not a biggy. In fact, it can really be something at all.

Best to reserve all of them until we see what's going on in the coming days. At current Woods there are seven beats behind leaders Joaquin Nieman and Abraham Ancer.

"I have at least one chance chance," he said.

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