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Ticks are expected to be a major problem this year

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – This year is supposed to be rough for ticks. The doctors warn that because of the wet spring we have had so far, the conditions are perfect for them to be out.

"I have no doubt that we will have a heavy cross season," says Dr. Thomas Rushton, an infectious disease specialist with St Mary's Medical Center. "It's perfect for that. We know that eggs that we laid over the winter will really start to hatch when we get the first rains, so right where we're right now."

Dr. Rushton says the weather also helps the grass to grow and leaves are on the trees, giving spots something to hang on.

As this will be a bad cross season, doctors urge you to check yourself, your children and your pets anytime you come in from being outdoors.

There are several places you should check when looking for ticks.

"You want to look at the hair's neck, so there is a hairline," said Dr. Rushton. "You want to look very close because it may look like a small skin scraping or a mole, but if it is a pocket and you touch it, these legs will move. You may need a magnifying glass. So skin weights are also places where ticks would be. It takes some time for the tick to actually find a place she likes, bite and embed, so we want to remove all ticks within 24 hours. "[1

9659008] Doctors say You should also check your clothes. When you go out, make sure you use insecticides. You can also wear bright clothes and long pants and shirts to keep them away from your skin.

Ali Shehl now says that she knows that this cross season will be bad, she will change her routine with her family when they come in every day.

"Now that I know it's going to be bad, I'll check my kids more," Shehl said. "We try to control Ruby every time she rolls around in the grass, because we've found a little on her before."

Although doctors say that only about 10 percent of ticks carry diseases, you still need to keep an eye on each piece you get.

Two serious diseases that doctors look at are Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Dr. Rushton says that black-bone ticks, or deer, are the ticks that spread Lyme Disease.

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