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Throat peeler worse than not wearing a mask. Here’s why

A popular face coating used during the coronavirus pandemic may not keep you safe and healthy at all, experts say.

According to health experts, neck sprains can even spread the virus further than not wearing a cover at all.

Researchers at Duke University found that the head protection they tested was “worse than nothing.”

“The throat protector we tested did essentially nothing, and worse than nothing, because it seemed to make big drops into small drops,” Isaac Henrion, co-author of the study, told CBS News.

Neck skates are made of a circular piece of cloth that sits around a person̵

7;s neck. It can then be pulled up to cover a person’s mouth and nose.

The problem does not come from its design, but the fabric it is usually made of.

Neck skates are usually made of thin, stretchy polyester, which makes them comfortable and breathable.

“Instead of stopping droplets that may contain the virus from escaping into the air, the fabric seemed to turn large droplets into lesser known ones as aerosols,” Henrion said.

Aerosols are drops that can be produced when people cough, sneeze or talk. However, these drops never fall to the ground in the same way as larger, visible drops do.

“And so when (aerosols are released) by someone who is infected, does not know it and talks in a room, they can only build up in a room over time and whoever is in that room can inhale them and become infected,” Kimberly Prather, an aerosol expert, told CBS News.

According to officials, standard N95 and surgical masks release the least amount of drops, which stops 90-95% of the airborne drops.

Health experts say that if a neck brace was made with two layers of cotton, it could be more effective.

Walt Disney World banned neck skates last month and said guests will need to wear a mask with ear loops or ties.

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According to the Disney website “Currently, face coating is not acceptable, based on guidance from health authorities, neck skates, open chin bandages and face coatings containing valves, mesh or holes of any kind.”

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