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Three house details – Variety

A new Nintendo Direct comes on Wednesday and will reveal details of "Fire Emblem: Three Houses," according to a tweet Tuesday from the official Nintendo of America Twitter account.

Nintendo Direct is a pre-recorded video where Nintendo speaks directly to its customers, which usually reveals new information and trailers for upcoming games. Wednesday's Nintendo Direct will be about 35 minutes and will include information on "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" announced at E3 201

8. We saw glimpses of their turn-based gameplay in the E3 trailer, but there is still much unknown about Nintendo Switch's first main line "Fire Emblem" game. The 2017 released "Fire Emblem Warriors" (for Switch and 3DS) was a spin-off title and featured hack-and-slash action.

Perhaps we will get a date for "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" more specifically than "spring 2019".

While we have no other suggestion than "Fire Emblem" for what tomorrow's broadcast comes with, it should be worth a watch. The company strives to sell 17 million Nintendo Switch units at the end of the current fiscal year in March and confirmed last week that attractive demanding software applications will help it reach that goal.

Want to watch the broadcast? Nintendo Direct will stream via YouTube from 2:00 PM on Wednesday, February 13th.

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