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This mysterious object can be a strange spacecraft, says this Harvard astronomer

You may have heard of Oumuamua, a mysterious object that spotted travels through space. It is the first intersteller object seen in our solar system, which would already be mysterious. But the real mystery has to do with the speed of the object: it runs 70,000 miles per hour, much faster than an asteroid should. The fact is that when it hurts around the sun, it hurts up.

"It was something that affected its movement other than the solar gravitational forces and planets," said Marco Micheli, a European Space Organizational Researcher, in a press release.

The scientists did not have a good explanation of why Oumuamua moves as it is, but one possible explanation is to make the Internet quite excited. Ange Dr. Avi Loeb, the Harvard astronomer who is truly aliens.

Loeb thinks this item may be a strange spacecraft. According to his theory, the object moves so fast because the intelligent life drives it, says rockets.

"Alternatively, a more exotic scenario is that" Oumuamua can be a fully functioning probe that is intentionally sent to the Earth by a strange civilization, "write Loeb and his co-author in a paper." This difference is easily resolved if "Oumuamua does not follow a random path, but is quite a rich probe."

I've written about Loeb a lot over the years, and he quite often suggests the possibility of foreigners. He suggested that foreigners have star-driven spacecraft and mumbled about how aliens can survive apocalypse.

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"It seems that foreigners are a theme for you," I said once more. "Something's new, and you're the guy who's like," But wait, what happens if it's aliens. "Why is that?" His answer really made me think of that time. Now that Oumuamua talks so much, I think it's worth re-writing:

I'm not afraid to consider opportunities to be open. Scientists, especially people of my character, are worried about their reputation. They are worried about their image, and they prefer to maintain a conservative approach. Throughout the career, most times, just repeating the things accepted by others and is

I'm really interested in the truth. When you seek truth, you explore all possibilities, and you exclude some.

It is clear to me that it is possible – probably quite likely – that primitive life exists out there, and I would also say intelligently. For me, it's perfectly legitimate for researchers to explore the options and when there is something really strange to consider the possibility that it may be a thing …

To me it is a very dangerous development, believing that the authority determines the truth. There is a truth out there, and the number of people who believe in it is irrelevant.

Many times, life is just a self-fulfilling prophecy. You say to yourself, "No, I do not want to drive it because the chance is small that it will be a successful way." But, of course, if you do not follow that road, it will never be successful. In many of these cases you put up obstacles, and you never break out of the way everyone else takes. But if you allow yourself to take a few pages, you may discover new things now and then. And that's fun.

Dr. Abraham Loeb has a story of breeding extraterrestrial life. Oumuamua may not just be an asteroid or comet.

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