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This Marvel Hero almost had a much bigger role in the last 2 "Avengers" movies

Of all the Avengers in MCU movies, some favorites were given short scripts by scriptwriters, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, usually because there was so much other story to tell. A favorite sent in the background was War Machine, or James Rhodes.

Played by Don Cheadle, you can at least say that Marvel managed to land another prestigious actor for a likely hefty payday.

While Cheadle had some good scenes like War Machine, recently reported that he would be given a much bigger role in some early drafts for Endgame.

Not because he might not have a bigger role later in the Disney + streaming universe. What it means exactly is a bit up in the air, but in the second alt-reality of Endgame he would have been the center of attention.

Was Don Cheadle really underutilized as James Rhodes? [1
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We are used to seeing Don Cheadle in the highest caliber movies, or at least at once. Like Robert Downey, Jr., he was an Oscar challenger who was handed over to Marvel with a bigger paycheck. Not that we necessarily have to agree with Martin Scorsese's opinion and say that Marvel was necessarily a step down.

When Endgame arrived, we have seen how Marvel can be on top when it comes to movie experiences. For Don Cheadle, however, it must be argued that he was not utilized enough by what we usually expect from his actors. The screenwriters from Endgame did not necessarily want it this way.

Mark and McFeely have made a lot of revelations lately about things they originally planned for Marvel, but rejected. Some of these ideas were denied for good reason, most because they had some rough sequences that Disney would never place in a PG-13 movie.

Then you have their idea to make Cheadle's War Machine Vice President in Endgame something that would have given the actor a lot more commitment and shifted the characters to a more exciting light.

Fans think it's a harbinger for a future War Machine series at Disney +

If the intention was to make War Machine Vice President, it makes us wonder what kind of rules he would have ruled over. Known to be Captain America and find it difficult to work within the structures of how the US government worked, he might have governed his own rules.

Some Marvel fans on Reddit still consider it. Many of these fans think that a VP Rhodes would have been ideal, which essentially gave him as much power as his close friend, Tony Stark.

That doesn't mean we still can't see more of War Machine, namely at Disney + down line. We have a feeling that idea slides for exhibits related to neglected Avengers are long.

What would a War Machine series look like and would it affect the idea of ​​being a VP? Having a superhero within the US government's borders would be more than a little interesting territory to explore.

Cheadle should have a new actor.

If you could argue that maybe Marvel took Cheadle away from the Oscar-caliber award He has known him for years, he also has no major roles he used to have.

Being in the Avengers movies meant he had to take a back seat to the main stars who got the majority of the screen time. While he has done some amazing dramatic and comedic work for HBO and Showtime (currently on satirical Black Monday ), he has been completely stuck with Marvel for big screen projects over the last four years.

With streaming being the likely future of everything, Cheadle making a War Machine series might be a hit. If nothing else, fans would like to see Rhodes as VP in the upcoming animated Disney + series What About …?, looking at alt-reality scenarios in the Marvel universe.

Everyone's biggest question would be: Would Rhodes abuse his power if he became VP? It is an issue that will always be relevant and close to our current reality.

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