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This is the week that Washington gave up completely

If you are wondering something in line with "What the hell happens here," get out.

This is the week that will go down in history as the one where our politicians just stopped trying to find compromises. Or solutions. Or to do anything at all.

It was a week defined by President Donald Trump's petulant "bye-bye" to President Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer when he left a Wednesday meeting after Pelosi informed him that she would not give him the $ 5 billion He wants to build a wall along the southern border.

The week would end with certainty that Trump would explain an emergency to take funds for other purposes and use them to build the wall. Clearly, Congress would vote to resume the government.

Apart from twisting! Friday afternoon, Trump told the journalists: "What we don't want to do right now is national emergency. I won't do it so fast." A> * {vertical-align: top; display: inline block;}
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Who leaves us exactly nowhere. Congress will not be back in session until next week. And even when they come back, there is absolutely no legislative proposal waiting to be debated, no building block on which a compromise can be built.

The point : This is square.

Here is the week that was in 19 headings.


  • The White House says that tax contributions will happen go out "during shutdown
  • Trump plans prime address, border visits as shutdown fight continues


  • Trump warns of heart crisis in immigration address
  • Pence suspects claiming nearly 4,000 terrorists


  • Former defense chief appointed as new assistant national security adviser
  • Trump is trying to enter the US

Wednesday: [19659002] by calling border emergency

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