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This free AI chatbot helps companies fight COVID-19 error information

Avaamo, a company that specializes in AI for call, recently built a virtual assistant to translate natural language issues about the COVID-19 pandemic into reliable insights. In other words, it’s an AI-driven chatbot that can answer almost any question you have about the pandemic.

Credit: Avaamo

Avaamos Project COVID uses a deep learning system called natural language processing to transform our pandemic questions into website and database issues. It works a lot like Google or Bing, you enter text and AI tries to find the most relevant information possible. The big difference is that Avaamo gently protects the gates from misinformation by only surface-leveling results from reputable sites such as CDC, NIH, WHO and Johns Hopkins.

Best of all, there is no cost for companies to use the tool. As per a press release from Avaamo:

Project COVID is also available free of charge to embed on the website for care management providers, health care organizations, companies or agencies facing a growing number of questions, support calls and community inquiries about information on COVID-1

9 outbreaks and responses to it. The tool is free and designed to quickly and easily embed on an existing website in just minutes.

Quick Shooting: This is really cool. The information is valid, the company has recently updated the system and it does not seem that every company that wants to implement Project COVID on their own websites will have to jump through hoops to get it installed.

Having a simple, non-medical one (Avaamo is careful to point out that this does not replace professional medical advice) to provide solid information for common COVID-19 issues is a big deal. We have moved past static FAQs because the pandemic is a constantly changing situation. This is a great way to keep customers, patients and customers up to date without having to reinvent the wheel to do it again.

For information, see Avaamo’s website.

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