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They are behind the defense of abortion

As Alabama and Georgia passed laws restricting or almost prohibiting abortion, the attacks poured in from all angles. As varied as these attacks were, there was a common theme: dishonesty and lie.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example wrote on Twitter, "Alabama legislators make all abortions a criminal offense w jail-time, including women subjected to rape + incest."

Whether intentional or not, this viral tweet (retweeted 16,000 times) clearly means that the bill would punish mothers receiving abortion. It's false, and it's a fairly common lie for abortion defenders.

Some of the attacks are newer. An increasingly popular attack is that abortionists are uninterested in saving lives but just trying to harm women and control their lives.

"The movement is anti-woman," liberal-legal-scholar-turn-resistance-tweets Laurence Tribe wrote about pro-lifers. Liberal New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie wrote of pro-lifers in Alabama and Georgia that their "goals are ultimately the restoration of a pictured past and the restoration of rigid hierarchies of gender and race".

Liberal commentator David Klion told pro-lifer David French that French supports the law "because you hate women and want more people to die".

This is all based on the lie that only men are interested in to limit abortion.

Alabama, with a margin of 58% to 37%, believes that abortion should be illegal in most or all cases, according to a 2014 poll. It is obviously not just men. The latest nationwide survey found majority support among both men and women for bills that prevent abortion after the child's heartbeat has been discovered, without any statistically significant difference between the sexes' views.

The bill was prepared and introduced by Rep. Terri Collins, a female legislator. It was signed in law by Gov. Kay Ivey, a woman. It reflects most Alabama women's political preferences.

In this light consider the arguments of men like Tribe, Bouie, Klion and dozens of others. Either they lie by letting all women support legalized abortion, or they explain to most women in Alabama: Oh dear you just think you care about the unborn life, but you really want the state to control women's life and body.

Many of the lies in defense for abortion are decades old.

Abortionists have long argued that it is needed to fight overpopulation. That myth has been punctured because birth has fallen in the US, although abortion has declined over the past decade.

The only reason why abortion bans had gone this month in Alabama and Georgia were the lies that Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey . These shoddy decisions were based on fictitious rights invented by the discredited idea of ​​substantive process. The legal and constitutional reasoning behind them was non-existent, even pro-choice legal researchers have acknowledged.

So why do abortion defenders build their arguments so much on lies? It is partly because they can get away with it. The abortion lobby may have the most sophisticated public relations machine in America, and reporters take their talk points as gospel.

But there is another possible explanation. Perhaps the abortion defender defends his argument on so many lies because they have to. For a great lie is the basis of their vision.

A contradiction to Georgia's heartbeat count was the absurd claim that the child's striking heart in utero is not a heartbeat. It is only "fetal pole activity", the progressive celebrity Alyssa Milano claimed .

Ljugan goes deeper and usually has to go unspoken. But sometimes they say it out loud.

"When a woman is pregnant, Democrats said Christine Quinn recently," it is not a man within her. "

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