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These ingredients in your skin care & beauty products that can damage your skin and health; Check it out

Ever see the ingredients in the skin care or beauty product you buy? Some of these ingredients can be very harmful to your skin and health and cause major damage.

We love to use beauty products and skin care products. We often go into a department store or a skincare and beauty shop and it’s like our own personal heaven. A great variety of products to choose from is exactly what we need. We love trying new products and brands until we find the perfect product and even if it does, which doesn’t like a bit of change with the changing world and newer brands. Skin care and beauty products are flooded with so much choice that it has become difficult to stick to a brand or product.

But the important question is, do you really use a safe product on your skin? When choosing a skin care product, we only look at the brand and structure of it. Some of us read the reviews and the other gets off the scent of it but that̵

7;s about it. Not many people look at the ingredients in the product that we use on our sensitive skin. Many of us are not even aware of the ingredients in skin care products that can damage our skin. This is an important factor to look at when investing in skincare or beauty products. Here is a list of ingredients that can damage your skin.

first Parabens

This is a type of preservative used in almost all cosmetic and beauty products, but it is known to increase the risk of cancer and mess with our hormones. This little ingredient can be toxic to our body.

2nd Synthetic colors

Often companies use colors to make their product look more attractive and these synthetic colors have a detrimental effect on our body. It can irritate your skin and cause allergies and rashes.

3rd Fragrance

We all love a product with a good scent but it can be toxic to your skin as well as to your health. Often companies produce fragrances with a concoction of chemicals that can cause allergies and breathing problems.

4th Sunscreen Chemicals

Sunscreens contain several chemicals that absorb UV rays to protect your skin from damage, but these chemicals can cause cancer much more than the ultraviolet rays they protect you from.

5th Lead

Lipsticks and eyeliners and hair colors and lip conditioners often contain lead that is known to disrupt the hormones and is a carcinogen. It can be easily absorbed by the body and legs as well. Too much lead can lead to possible lead poisoning.

6th Formaldehyde

This ingredient is usually found in bath products and lotions. It is another type of preservative that can be harmful to your body and skin. It is linked to several health risks and can weaken your immune system as well as cause liver and skin related problems.

7th Mercury

This is usually found in mascara and skin creams. Mercury is a health risk that can affect your skin and cause allergies and irritation. In the long run, it can affect your brain and nervous system.

8th Mineral oil

It is found in most moisturizers and skin care products. Mineral oil contains petroleum that layers your skin and does not allow it to breathe. It can cause pimples and acne and other skin-related problems in the long term.Therefore, it is always important to know which ingredients are beneficial and which are not. This website over here will show you which are the top few products that are good for you.

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