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These D&D dice have a real sapphire embedded on one side, costing $ 300

Dungeons & Dragons turns 45 this year, and its best-selling fifth edition turns five. To celebrate, the publisher Wizards of the Coast offers a wild set of dice. The $ 300 set of polyhedrals is made of light aluminum, and the d20 includes a laboratory-grown sapphire. Only 1,974 sets will ever be made. Manufactured by Level Up Dice, they will be sold on November 21st.

"When the D&D team realized that sapphire is the traditional anniversary stone for both five and forty-five years, and adding a laboratory-created sapphire to a twenty-sided door would not compromise the integrity of a roller, we could not give up the chance to do something really cool to celebrate the milestones, "said Nathan Stewart, vice president responsible for the D&D franchise.

The set contains two d20s, of which only one contains a sapphire and four d6, along with the usual assortment of d1

0s, d4s and the like. They even come in with a stylish drawer and combination roller with a rolling tray so as not to refill the furniture.

It's been a week for dice. Dispel Dice's Kickstarter, which features unique, handmade resin dice with brilliant inclusions, shuts down at $ 2 million. However, delivery dates for these are postponed to 2021 when additional supporters sign.

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