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There will be a blue moon this Halloween

This Halloween, there will be a blue moon for the first time since March 31, 2018. It will be the last blue moon that falls on Halloween until 2039.

If you are not aware, a blue moon means that there are two full moons within a calendar month. So unlike a blood moon or a supermoon, where the physical appearance of the moon is – or at least seems to change – this just means that there will be two full moons in October. The first will fall on the first day of the month, and the second, obviously, on the last.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

This means that there will actually be 13 full moons during the calendar year 2020, not the usual 12. And even if it sounds like making a scary supernatural event – or maybe even the end of the days – it probably will not be. .

With that said, this is 2020 – and it’s happening on Halloween and therefore is extra scary – who knows what the real reality of this blue moon might be. Maybe foreigners will visit. Maybe the legendary killer horns will finally start attacking the planet.

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Or maybe the world will just continue as usual and it will be really cloudy and we will not even notice that there is a full moon in the sky. However, it would be sad – full moons are beautiful.

Credit: Griffin Wooldridge / Pexels
Credit: Griffin Wooldridge / Pexels

No matter what happens, due to social distancing and the limitations that may still exist due to the coronavirus pandemic, there may be no trick or treat, so it may be a completely different type of Halloween than the ones we are used to.

We can still watch the moon and then, when we get bored, sit down and watch a scary movie. 1981 classic An American werewolf in London which was led by Blues Brothers director John Landis – has three different versions of the song ‘Blue Moon’, so it seems to be the most appropriate choice. Besides, it’s really good. And watching Halloween on Halloween would be such a cliche.

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