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There is a junk problem in space. A Harpoon and Net may be the answer

An experiment aboard the International Space Station can help engineers figure out how to one day take out the total amount of trash in orbit.

Engineers will perform exercises later this year where they will use cameras and laser guidance to capture objects with a harpoon and a net attached to a spacecraft, called RemoveDEBRIS.

"Our experiments should begin in September or October, and they may be three or four months," says Guglielmo Aglietti, principal researcher, to Seeker. Aglietti is Head of Surrey Space Center at the University of Surrey, UK. The center manages the mission and also designed the microsatellites that RemoveDEBRIS will collect during the experiments.

Aglietti said that the time of the experiment is highly dependent on sufficient sunlight.

People have been in circulation since 1

957. It has resulted in an estimated 500,000 litters that circulate the earth, including objects that are as big as dead satellites to those as small as screws.

As circuitry travels at high speed, it often poses a serious threat to operations in space. In 2009, the revealed Russian satellite Cosmos-2251 entered the operational Iridium 33 satellite. And engineers periodically adjust the banana in the international space station to avoid space junk.

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