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The weather gives a little relief because fires burn in the west in the middle of the heatwave

As some houses melted, some residents who had not left or managed to send investigated injuries that seemed random: ruined homes next to others intact.

Eric Durtschi stood outside his ruined house, where a burned car was in the driveway and the children's bikes were flooded.

Durtschi, his wife and six children had left Utah and moved a few weeks ago. He said that he had not yet said to his two eldest children that their home was gone. He managed to collect his heavily burned vintage weapons, hoping to save them.

  Image: Santa Barbara County firefighters smashed in a home at a fire in Goleta
Firemen fight a fast-moving fire that destroyed homes in Goleta, California, beginning July 7, 2018. Gene Blevins / Reuters

Meanwhile, a neighbor across the street saw his home gently. The man had stayed through the night and sprinkled down the house of others.

About 2500 people were evacuated because of the fire in Santa Barbara County, said Bill Brown at an afternoon press conference and there are no reports of deaths, serious injuries or anyone missing. Santa Peterson, Fire Department Chief Eric Peterson said that by choosing to alert warnings and leave, residents helped firemen.

"There were most likely deaths yesterday if these evacuations had not occurred," said Peterson on Saturday. The fire was 80 percent contained Saturday afternoon, officials said.

The area is west of where Thomas Fire raged in December in December. This river destroyed more than 1000 buildings in the area of ​​Ventura and Santa Barbara.

East of Los Angeles in the San Bernardino National Forest, the authorities ordered the evacuation of Forest Falls, which has about 700 homes, is a rapid firefighter swelling to 1,000 acres.

In San Diego County, several fires blasted, including one that burned at least five homes and maybe many more in the Alpine, at the foot not far from San Diego. Gov. Jerry Brown declared an emergency for the county.

By a Red Cross Protector, Ben Stanfill told the San Diego Union Tribune that he and other relatives helped evacuate his mother's house, even though it was not in a mandatory evacuation area.

"We only took everything you can not replace or buy back," Stanfill said. "My grandmother's photographs, the cat, my sister's Mickey Mouse teddy bear, she has had since she was little."

The fire was only 5 percent contained Friday night but crews had almost stopped growth and focused on knocking on hotspots that continue to threaten homes and motor homes, firefighters said.

Another fire on the Camp Pendleton Marine Base led to the evacuation of 750 homes

. The new blades came like Southern California saw many areas over 100 degrees friday and more than a dozen got record breaking temperatures for the day. Weather Service forecast still required hot weather for much of the area Saturday.

To the north, the fire in Siskyou County on the Oregon border had almost emptied the small communities of Hilt and Hornbrook. Firefighters demanded immediate evacuation of some Oregon areas near Colestin.

"We know we have lost homes and lots of structures, including cattle and horses," said Ray Haupt, chairman of the Siskiyou County Board

A resident body was found Friday morning in the colossal ruins of a Hornbrook -hem, but the authorities struggled to identify the body.

"We do not even have an address because of the devastation around the area," Siskyou County Sheriff Lt Jeremiah LaRue told the San Francisco Chronicle.

However, no more deaths were expected.

"We are actually pretty hope everyone went out," said LaRue. "We've talked to people evacuated, and nobody is missing right now, so that's fine."

Elsewhere in California, a massive flame northwest of Sacramento, which began on June 30, destroyed 10 homes and other buildings but was 42

A helicopter releases water on a slope as firefighter encryption to get control of flames from the Pawnee Fire near Clearlake Oaks, California July 1, 2018 Josh Edelson / AFP – Getty Images file

California was one of several Western states where new fires have destroyed homes and forced thousands of people to evacuate.

In Utah, the authorities forced some people to fly their homes because of a windburned firepower to return and resume a highway as well.

The fire has burned about 75 square kilometers and destroyed 90 structures, including homes, cabins, shelters and garages, since July 1 in the 80 m ile southeast of Salt Lake City.

In Colorado, the rain slowly helped the growth of fires that burned dozens of homes. But the threat of a flood increased the possibility of flooding near a stubborn flame in the southwest.

Officials issue a 85-square-kilometer landfill fire burned by a fire that began June 1. They said it was just messing and rain in the coming days should keep it sprinkled.

The rain helped calm in the heart of the ski country that has destroyed three houses, including the home of a fireman flaming near the resort of Aspen. Gov. John Hickenlooper visited the area on Friday.

It also offered relief in the southern Colorado mountains where a refuge destroyed more than 130 homes and forced the evacuation of at least 2,000 properties. Spring Creek Fire became the third largest in state history of 165 square kilometers.

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