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The space will be scary in the next No Man’s Sky update

No Man’s Sky is generally a pretty chilly experience, but that is about to change with the next major update. Desolation, available today, allows players to plummet deep into the mysterious, missing cargo ships that have been dotting star systems since April exo-mech update.

“Being a little dot among the stars can give a sense of reverence and wonder, but we have always wanted to explore a little more the feelings of fear and dread that come from being alone in the depths of space,”

; No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games said in a press release.

The freighters to Desolation are essentially dungeons, full of lore left by the departed crew, valuable scrap and even technology for the players’ own ships. But it will not always be a cakewalk. Dangerous materials, out-of-control security systems and dangerous alien life forms act as barriers during these procedurally generated explorations, with aesthetics that listen back to the space horror classics that Alien. Watch out for these eggs.

No Man’s Sky also plans to get an update on their combat mechanics together Desolation. Hello Games promises a “faster, more dynamic combat experience” through several adjustments and balance adjustments of the game’s weapons.

A complete list of changes, which includes several improvements to the quality of life, can be found at official website.

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