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The S&P 500 may be "a decent payday" away from a "breakout"

Tuesday's 237-point advancement in the Dow industry could be called the triple Johnson rally – as revenue (from Johnson & Johnson

JNJ, + 1.62%

among others) and report on Brexit progress (Boris) raised traders.

Peter Schultz, author of the newsletter Winning Secret, looked at the market's movements and said it was time to become bullish.

He says about the 3020 level of the S&P 500

SPX, + 1.00%

is divided – "a decent profit day" – the index would confirm the outbreak (when prices pass through an area of ​​resistance). The S&P 500 closed Tuesday at 2,995.68.

He is in an optimistic mood due to progress in China and the United States. trade talks and expectations of a third rate cut in a row from the Fed at the end of the month. With earnings expectations so low, the market may be in for some surprises, he says.


Beijing threatened to avenge Washington's actions aimed at supporting Hong Kong protesters, while pro-democracy lawmakers called on Hong Kong's Carrie Lam.

The Brexit barometer looked less optimistic when Bloomberg News cited sources from the European Union to say that a deal was "impossible" without movement from the UK. American Bank

BAC, + 2.02%

reported third quarter results ahead of forecast. After the completion of trading, Netflix

NFLX, -0.45%

and IBM

IBM, + 0.68%

will report results.

Technical data

TECD, + 1.69%

rose when Financial Post reported that Apollo Global Management was approaching the distributor of IT equipment with an offer for close to $ 5 billion.

Details of retail sales are pending, with the Fed's Beige Book Collection of financial anecdotes coming in the afternoon.

Then. Elizabeth Warren was pinata during Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate. Warren's rise in surveys has weighed on a few sectors, especially health insurance companies.

The markets

U.S. stock futures

ES00, -0.16%

YM00, -0.13%

NQ00, -0.21%

was weaker on Wednesday morning, and bond yields

TMUBMUSD10Y, -1.48%


Asian equities

ADOW, + 0.71%

closed higher while European stocks

SXXP, -0.06%


The chart

If one of the 12 Democrats on Tuesday night's debate phase enters the Oval Office next year, the issue of carbon taxes is expected to come back on the agenda. According to this fascinating diagram from GDP Paribas, what is needed is for the US to be more productive in environmental terms. The United States not only has low carbon taxes (think, the super cheap gasoline compared to the rest of the world), it is among the least productive in carbon productivity, here defined as emissions per unit GDP produced.

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