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The "Slender Man" movie will not appear in Milwaukee theaters near the site of teenage spell

The movie, which opens Friday, tells the story of a group of friends in Massachusetts trying to prove the internet boeing-like characters Slenderman exists until one of them is missing, according to IMDb.

The movie is not based on true events.

In 2014, attention was drawn to a cruel case where the character was national attention. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier – both 12 at the time – attracted a classmate to a park in Waukesha, Wisconsin and supported her 19 times, officials said. The victim survived, crawling to safety before she was discovered by a bicycle driver.

Marcus Corporation, a theater chain in Wisconsin, ruled that it would not show the movie in several places in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties of respect for girls' families and others affected by the fall.

"Like many people across the United States, Marcus Theaters were deeply worried and sad when the taste of the phenomenon was moving towards southeastern Wisconsin in such a deep way life for many families forever," the company said in a statement to the CNN affiliate WTMJ.

Teenagers Are Engaged In Mental Institutions

After long court proceedings, both teens were sentenced in the 201

4 stabbing to mental hospitals.

Geyser accused guilty last year of accusation for attempted first-degree murder and has been ordered to spend 40 years in a mental institution instead of serving prison. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia a few months after the attack, CNN reported affiliate WISN.

As part of the agreement, under the Wisconsin law, a judge found her not guilty due to mental illness or defect, which means that she will ultimately not be held criminally responsible for the attack.

Viier pointed out last year that he was obliged to attempt the second degree of murder due to mental illness or defect as part of a similar agreement that she would accept commitment to institutional care. A judge ordered her to spend 25 years on mental health care in December.

CNN is not usually called minors who are guilty of crimes, but it does not matter if they are charged – as was Geyser and Weier – as an adult.

CNNs Joy Marcell and Dakin Andone contributed to this report.

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