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The senators introduce Bill who would help you leave Facebook

Sen. Josh Hawley is one of the sponsors of the bill
Photo : AP

Three senators introduced a bill on Tuesday aimed at making it easier for people to remove large social media networks like Facebook and YouTube.

The bipartisan legislation sponsored by Republican Senator Josh Hawley and Democratic Senators Richard Blumenthal and Mark Warner would provide that these platforms let their clients easily pull their data and move to another site.

Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching (ACCESS) Act affects sites that have more than 100 million active users each month in the United States. That would mean that the legislation would affect Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The bill is intended to stimulate competition in the market by making data on social media juggernaut's websites more interoperable with other platforms built by small businesses. In other words, it wants to give the next Ello a fighting chance to gain traction. Having to migrate all information to a new platform can be a major obstacle when it comes time to try a friends walk on a social network – not to mention the fact that your data belongs to and should be easily accessible.

"By making it easier for social media users to easily move their data or to continue communicating with their friends after switching platforms, start-ups will be able to compete on equal terms with the largest social media companies," said Senator Warner, in a statement.

Hawley said in a statement, "This bill creates delayed requirements that will increase competition and empower consumers to move their data from one service to another."

In June Warner and Hawley also collaborated on the design of accounting security measures to help increase monitoring and data protection (DASHBOARD) law that would require any platform with more than 100 million active monthly users to reveal what information it collects and it uses that information. The bill would also allow companies to provide estimates of the data value and allow users to delete their data.

Hawley is one of Capitol's Hill's most outspoken critics of Big Tech's data collection methods, but he often disseminates misinformation – such as when he demanded Twitter to allow a third-party audit after he falsely accused the platform of close the anti-abortion movie account Unplanned . He does not understand the law that holds the whole internet together, or at least pretends that he does not.

But sometimes the conservative senator comes on board with legislation that actually benefits American consumers – such as the ACCESS Act. It is nice to see decision makers taking up the different ways that Big Tech companies become gatekeepers who use data collection to prevent competition and prevent the existence of an open internet.

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