Jeffrey Dean Morgan, in the movie "Rampage", talks with the United States today Bryan Alexander about being a second time father and what he sees for his television character Negan at AMC's "The Walking Dead . "

Spoiler alert: This story contains essential details from Sunday season 8 final of The Walking Dead [19659008].

At least Carl did not in vain.

The young man whose death earlier this season worried many fans, had a hope of peace that allowed meaning for later episodes and eventually persuaded his father, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), to give up a vengeful call at t kill in Sunday's leading role Season 8 final of AMC's The Walking Dead .

But Rick took a while to come to that conclusion, saving the life of the finally overcome Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in an eventful episode without significant death.

The episode presented the final battle in the two-season "All-Out War" story that introduced Negan and his Savior as a major threat to Rick and his survivor. The war, which dragged farther than many viewers liked, turned to a surprising and satisfactory tomt twist that saw Rick's band go from the real defeat to the victory, even though the stratagem was not too close to analysis.

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Bat-wielding Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and his Savior face Rick Grimes and his survivor during Sunday's season 8 The end of "The Walking Dead." (Photo: GENE PAGE / AMC)

When the episode was opened, Negan held all the cards and fooled Rick & Co. with fake fighting plans that made them think they had the drop of salvation. Negan even added a cruel but ingenious touch, and sent some of his men to slaughter in the hands of survivors from Alexandria / Hilltop / Kingdom, so the fake plans seem more real.

Rick, Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Maggie Cohan) fell for it, eventually found themselves surrounded by Negan's forces. They realized their unfortunate situation when they heard a scary Savior whistling, a redial to a previous trap that resulted in Abraham's bludgeoning murder and pregnant Maggie's husband, Glenn.

Like the heavy-armed Saviors, whose firepower was reinforced by Eugene's 24-hour bullet production, closed in, the Negan gave orders to shoot – and everything changed. All of their guns exploded in their hands, due to the defective ammunition designed by Eugene (Josh McDermitt), who had secretly replaced allegiances again.

It was a nice twist, although it does wonder: Although time was out of the question, nobody – besides Negan, who got a gun with work balls – tested the new ammunition before he went to battle?

Tara (Alanna Masterson, Center) joins his colleagues Why I'm Done with "The Walking Dead" contrary to the Sunday season finale "The Walking Dead." (Picture: GENE PAGE / AMC)

The battle turned immediately, but the disarmed enemies left quickly and slaughtered avoided. Morgan, who had recently joined Rick to kill a group of saviors whom they had promised to save did not kill one who lay at his feet and finally accepted Jesus' council (Tom Payne).

Back at Hilltop Colony, Tara defended a second group of saviors with the better late than never helping the women from Oceanside.

As expected, Rick and Negan had a one-on-one showdown, with Negan holding the advantage – wire bat, Lucille – after Rick ran out of bullets. But, a quick kick, a tear invocation of Carl's peace philosophy and a precision swarm to the throat, the Negan fell. Rick, who may want to consider a surgical career after inactivating but not killing his nemesis, finally came through Carl's desire to protect life.

But Maggie's coalition manager could not accept it and yelled and wept that the Savior's leader would die – "It's not over until he's dead!"

Rick, who had a sweet vision of walking with a young Carl during more innocent times, told the Savior's prisoners to go home and offered survival conditions: "Everyone here who would live in peace and justice, who would find it common ground, this world is your right. "

The rest of the episode appeared in most peaceful terms. Maggie let Alden (Callan McAuliffe), a lost former savior, stay on the hill and Daryl (Norman Reedus) cursed but shot Dwight (Austin Amelio) who had treated him so badly at the sanctuary.

A serial Carol Melissa McBride), realizing the value of society, returned to the Kingdom. Her allies, Morgan Jones (Lennie James), had a similar epiphany but decided that he had to move forward – which he did a few minutes later and went over to Fear the Walking Dead in his season 4 opener. 19659010] In an in-depth hospital room, Rick told a recovery Negan that he would "rot in a cell", which echo the comic books. What it means for the character is unknown, but Negan, despite Morgan's appeal as an actor and a new rebound for the character, has not served as a big villain. It was not always clear why the saviors were so afraid of him and why Rick, Carl and other survivors, despite their chances, did not kill him. Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan, left) lets ex-Savior Alden (Callan McAuliffe) stay on Hilltop Colony, but is not happy with how the war

Maggie, however, was not on board with frugal Negan and told Jesus that Rick and Michonne were wrong.

In a twist that seemed to be of character, she promised what seemed like revenge. (Cohan is not signed for next season, but AMC Program Manager David Madden last week said he expected "something positive to announce" soon.) "Rick was wrong to do what he did." Michonne, too, "said Maggie." So we will pray our time, wait for our moment and we will show him. "

Peacekeeping Jesus gave a smile to a smile as an even more surprising potential conspiracy, Daryl, arose from the shadows. "Yes, we will," he said.

So, "All-Out War", a often frustrating story, is finally over. If Maggie's intention is an indication, all in-war can be on the horizon. would be a new direction for the long-lasting battle, but probably not what Carl wanted for his surviving family.


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