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The search of Botham Jean-apartment ignores the upset of the victim's "murder"

The lawyer of the Dallas man killed by a police in his own apartment killed by a police attempts to discredit the victim.

Botham Shem Jean, 26, died September 6 after the off-duty officer Amber Guyger entered his apartment, claimed she was in her (which is one floor below) and shot him twice.

  The coffin carrying Botham Shem Jean arrived at the Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in Richardson, Texas on Thursday.

Stewart F. House via Getty Images

The coffin carrying Botham Shem Jean arrived at the Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in Richardson, Texas on Thursday.

Lawyer Lee Merritt, representing Jean's family, criticized the police's keywords, obtained in the hours after the shooting, as an attempt to discredit Jean after his death.

"They immediately began to infect him," Merritt told The Associated Press.

According to a decision filed on Thursday, the police arrested two fired cartridge cases, a laptop, a ballistic police vest, a backpack of police equipment and paperwork, two radio frequency identification keys, 1

0.4 grams of marijuana (equal to less than half a ounce) and a marijuana mill including from Jean apartment.

The decision did not identify who owned which items, according to a copy obtained by NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

Attorney Benjamin Crump, who also represents Jean's family, told NBC DFW that Jean's family does not know who marijuana belongs to. Nevertheless, Crump held that the seized drugs were "nothing but a disgusting attempt to kill his character now that they have murdered his person."

Cornell William Brooks, President of the National Association for the Advancement

Although the search was motivated for Jean's apartment, was published That Thursday, the same day as Jeans's funeral, one for Guyer's apartment, it was not. Dallas Police Department and Texas Rangers did not immediately respond to HuffPost's request to comment on whether her apartment was searching for the investigation.

David Menschel, an Oregon-based criminal defense attorney and activist, called the disclosure of the keyword "propaganda".

"An off-duty police goes into the wrong apartment and shoot the man who lives there dead, and as we have been waiting, local law enforcement is doing what it takes to throw confusion on the innocent victim – for to propose that he was "no angel" – and therefore obviously deserved to be killed in his own home, "Menschel HuffPost told. "And much of the media plays with it and reinforces the propaganda of law enforcement."

After the hearing was released, Fox 4 News published a story about the search of Jean's home. The title, which has since been changed, highlighted marijuana in the applicant's certificate without mentioning any other items seized from Jean apartment.

People on Twitter are called Fox 4's title irresponsible and ruthless, and noted that the marijuana discovery was irrelevant to Jean's death.

Tom Angell, a marijuana activist and publisher of the news site Marijuana Moment, said that Fox 4 News's title wrongly suggested that Jean was wrong for his death.

"For Fox 4 to frame and play this discovery in the way it did – meaning cannabis use may have justified its murder – is irresponsible reporting," said Angell HuffPost. It "shows how the people of color, even in death, suffer disproportionate and discriminatory treatment of what many white people do with impunity."

Matt Schweich, Deputy Chief of Political Reform Group Marijuana Policy Project, questioned why officials have not released a keyword for Guyers apartment.

"A small amount of personal marijuana is irrelevant to this tragedy. It is as relevant as a sexpack beer, Schweich says to HuffPost."

"If an innocent victim's integrity is to be invaded by disclosure of an application order, then the perpetrator must be integrity at least in the same way, "added Schweich.

The applicant's book also opposed Guyger's arresting affidavit, released on Monday. In affidavit, Guyger claimed that Jean was over the room in his apartment at the time of shooting. The applicant's certificate, signed by a police in Dallas said that Jean confronted Guyger at the front door.

In the arrest decision, Guyger said she could enter Jean apartment because the door was a bit old and claimed she fired Jean after ignoring her "verbal commands."

Guyger arrested and charged with death on Sunday.

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