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The Raptors led the cavalry for 47:17 by regulation … and lost

You would call it incredible, it was not entirely 100 percent, absolutely credible.

The Raptors led Game 1 against Cavaliers from 13 seconds until LeBron James bound the game with 30 seconds to go. Somehow Toronto lost the game 112-111 in overtime. Here is a complete description of how it happened. Every demon Raptors has tried to meet this postseason – Game 1 curse, Kyle Lowry shrinks in the greatest moments, unable to match LeBron, the team comes in its own head – ended at the end of Tuesday's game. It was a masterpiece of Raptordom.

And that's so so sad.

It does not have to be like this. The raptors are objective and definitely better than the Cavaliers. LeBron did not have a completely dominant LEBRON game ̵

1; if he had, Toronto could tip himself and make sure he could not hold it up for a whole series. But the Raptors lost Game 1 and are still facing LeBron's ghost who wears the Infinity Gauntlet for one or more future games in the series.

The Raptors really, really, really, really, really reallly should have won this game. If Toronto will win this series and kill his LeBron-shaped demon, they will need to win games like this. It will never be easy against LeBron (unless you're 2014 Spurs or 2017 Warriors, as Raptors are not).

At one point, LeBron will throw a moon on you and to beat him you must survive it. If you want to get to that point, you can not hit the face as the Raptors did in Game 1. There is no room for it.

Tuesday Scores

Cavaliers 113, Raptors 112 (OT)
Cleveland Leader 1-0
Recaps: Fear the Sword | Raptors HQ

Warriors 121, Pelicans 116
Golden State Leader 2-0
Recaps: Golden State of Mind | Bird writes

Wednesday's schedule

Jazz on rockets, 8 p.m. ET, TNT
Houston Leader 1-0

Links On Links On Links

Stephen Curry has logged in, and while the Pelicans hit a helluva match, Warriors is now up to 2-0. Golden State was +26 in Currys 27 minutes and -21 in 21 minutes he sat. I dare say this was a loss if Curry was not back. In any case, it appears that New Orleans will capture at least one of these games at home. If only they still had Boogie cousins ​​…

I look forward to the NBA explaining why Judge Jason Phillips simply decided not to call a hop ball or a three-second foul left in the Warriors Pelicans game despite the fact that Rajon Rondo struck Kevin Durant in the corner inches from the ref. It's a tie or a foul. Call one! You can not only decide the game because it is a 5-point distance with just a few seconds left.

Drake is now feuding with Kendrick Perkins. The two exchanged the words several times during the match, with Drake saying Perk "I'm here for real" when they pushed out their coffins, which, now you're not here for real when it's Kendrick Perkins you're facing. Anyway, after the match Perk, Woj wrote to explain what happened and Drake went to Instagram to make fun of Perk's pants. NBA, that's amazing!

Do you want another fejd? Of course you do it. Charles Barkley declared he wants to beat Draymond Green on his face . Draymond tells him to do it or turn off . NBA, that's amazing!

Paul Flannery on how Celtics bully Sixers in Game 1.

Zito Madu on exhilaration and mild sorrow that comes from watching LeBron wears Cavaliers. Seerat Sohi on LeBron's control when he ages. Harry Lyles Jr. on the dangers of doubting LeBron.

Big piece from Emma Healey about the need to protect this incarnation of the Raptors, win or lose. Dan Devine on the surrealist Raptor's collapse.

Really good PSA from NBA on the importance of mental health, with DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love, who each talked about the issue this year's season. There are some good resources on the NBA Mind Health page.

This is amazing: Chiney Ogwumike will act as a full-time NBA analyst for ESPN when he plays in WNBA. Chiney has worked for ESPN in various roles (including the African edition of SportsCenter and with the appearance of Rachel Nichol's excellent The Jump ).

Some new information about the Kawhi Leonard saga has leaked. It seems that Spursen was annoyed Leonard relying on his own doctors after their well-respected medical team cleansed him. There is also some agent / chef drama. It's strange, but it makes it a little more meaningful now.

Sounds like there's a standoff in Detroit over Stan Van Gundy's future with the pistons.

Styles section profile of Don Nelson? Absolutely.

NBA's global academy in Australia has sent two perspectives – one from Argentina, one from Cameroon – to the NCAA program for the first time.

James Harden, just watching baseball while eating ice cream out of a news bowl. Living their best life.

He got the best best basketball ever (after Air Bud ), became 20 on Tuesday. Here is Aaron Dodson about how Ray Allen became Jesus Shuttlesworth and Bleacher Report's brilliant trailer for She Got Game with starring Jewell Loyd, who really has to happen. (The latter paragraph came with a Jewell Loyd Q & A from Natalie Weiner, which is also good.)

And finally: Victor Oladipo inspired Dirk Nowitzki to write his coach about getting an offseason training plan to go. The result is hilarious.

Be excellent for each other.

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