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The Proper Way to Write an Essay Proposal


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The Proper Way to Write an Essay Proposal

An essay proposal is an educational work, which enables to express and reflect author’s thoughts about this or that problem. It doesn’t matter whether the source for these thoughts is personal experience or other people’s work. If you were asked to prepare an essay, do not give up and learn how to do it well.

Structure of the Essay

This type of work has a standard composition though it doesn’t contain such elements as cover sheet, table of contents, and list of reference literature used. The author is welcomed to state and prove his view of the problem in a free manner, but logically. So, it turns out that logic is responsible for the text structure when you are writing a proposal essay.

Even when the composition is not strict, some specific features are can be revealed. They are essential genre requirements and can’t be omitted:


1;           Talking points are the key notions of the writer on the topic;

–           Each point has a proposal argument. Arguments may be different, but usually these are facts with scientific evidence;

–           References to books or films are appropriate.

The standard essay starts with the statement of the problem, then the statement of several talking points and 2-3 arguments to them. All this ends with a general conclusion. The size of the document should be about several pages, but no more than 6.

Essay Plan

Those who don’t know how to write a proposal essay, should compile a plan of the document first. It always illustrates and sets the structure of writing, determines how to compose it and serves as its framework. Even for experienced writers it might be hard to write an essay when a plan is absent. In the process of work, it can be modified and significantly, in some cases. But still, it doesn’t mean that this meaningful unit is not useful.

To build a plan, you have to make a research on the topic. After you will be well versed in it, you will need to look at the literature that is suitable for the topic. Only after that you can continue with talking points and their arguments.

In reality, there are no particular recommendations on what to start writing with. This is not a Wiki article that needs to be formatted using a template. The author can write an introduction – but it should catch reader’s attention by means of designating a problem.

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To sum it up, now it is your turn to choose whether you do your tasks yourself or leave it to professionals!