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The Oilers are battling the Blackhawks in the NHL qualifiers

Adversity is a fun thing in sports. Some teams crash just to see it and surrender the moment these long odds are set before them. Others choose to pick themselves up from the carpet and stand tall, refusing to wither in the face of adverse circumstances.

unable to overcome the stupid behavior of their former-Hart, Art Ross and Ted Lindsay award-winning captain, Connor McDavid. “data-reactid =” 33 “> The Edmonton Oilers are leaning towards the former, unfortunately, as the sudden maladaptation by the City of Champions currently seems incapable of overcoming the stupid behavior of their former Hart, Art Ross and Ted Lindsay Award-winning captain, Connor McDavid.

That, my friends, is what we in biz call a “joke”.

McDavid is clearly the NHL’s undisputed best player. He is hockey’s Michael Jordan, albeit without the alleged interest in games (which we know at least). Who cares if a McDavid-centric “Last Dance” would be the most boring eight hours of TV that ever reached the small screen? The guy scores points and manages to do so while he also wraps himself around the collection of paper meché and loose hair dryer has forced him to call a support.

1. Goaltending

It’s always an adventure with Mike Smith between the pipes. (Photo by Andy Devlin / NHLI via Getty Images)

New rule: The next analyst who calls Mike Smith an “elite puck-touching goaltender” on live television should have his information revoked.

Seriously. We are not 2012 anymore. I’m writing this with a mask on, for Pets’ sake. That should be sufficient evidence.

Give credit where credit, however, matures. Smith was truly a valued member of the “Martin Brodeur Third Defenseman Club” once upon a time, capturing the hearts and minds of the hockey world with his brave fodder outside his own folds. The small flowers were large – relics from a bygone era when goal scorers dared to practically pose a threat to jump into the rush.

But the last seven years? They have not had exactly the same degree of success for Smith, with the veteran handing out enough charities to his opponents that you could swear he could write them off on his taxes.

And despite Dave Tippett giving Smith a strong start in Game 1 of the Oilers’ best-of-five play-in series, even with a nearly decade-long trail of clumsiness.

It went exactly as you would expect.“data-reactid =” 67 “> It went exactly as you would expect.

McDavid, who scored the opening goal of the goal, could have released a blood vessel from pure rage and still could not have compensated for the hell that Smith thought he was doing there. The Oilers continued to drop Game 1 6-4. Smith allowed five goals on 23 shots.

However, not everything was lost. After recovering with a 6-3 victory in Game 2 after turning to Mikko Koskinen online, the universe apparently remembered that he is a 32-year-old goalkeeper who received a three-year contract extension worth $ 4. 5 million a year in the middle of a rookie season where he posted a .906 saving percentage of a lame duck GM that was two weeks from his overwhelmingly expected shooting.

Take a guess at what happened next.

(including this doozy) and the Oilers left the ice in their own building on the verge of elimination against the team in 23rd place in the NHL. “data-reactid =” 71 “> Blackhawks took Game 3, Koskinen allowed four goals on 25 shots (including this doozy) and the Oilers left the ice in their own building on the verge of elimination toward 23rd place in the NHL.

Connor said a swear word! Now it’s progress. “Data-reactid =” 72 “> But hey, Connor said a swear! Now it’s progress.

2. Support for cast

Zack Kassian has been an offensive black hole who played with Connor McDavid. Connor McDavid! (Photo by Andy Devlin / NHLI via Getty Images)

Aside from finding a suitable urinal for their home ground, the most pressing issue that has plagued the Oilers through McDavids all along has so far been their superstar with appropriate support.

The three head coaches and two managers he has been subjected to during that time have simply not done so.

Having a generational talent at your disposal gives you some leeway. Notice how I did not use polka dot adjectives like “stellar” or “elite” to describe McDavid’s ideal running mates. These comrades just need to be fit – capable of standing in place and gabbing up front-edge rebounds like real hungry, hungry hippos.

It should not be too difficult, right? Well, readers, I have news for you.

McDavid’s most common lineman during the three qualifying games to this point has been Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Which is great. Nugent-Hopkins is exactly the kind of player you want to isolate a star like McDavid (let’s just ignore that Nuge was a first overall choice himself).

Connor’s next two most common equivalents? These would be Josh Archibald and Zack Kassian, the latter of whom sits on a glittering 28% CF / 60 at 5v5 along with McDavid. Oh, and in the typical Oilers way, the management Kassian also handed over a brand new four-year contract extension halfway through the season to an AAV of $ 3.2 million. In the 14 games after signing on the dotted line, Kassian pulled up a six-point, was suspended and remains scoreless during the first three qualifying games.

All this is said even without mentioning the splash pairs Ken Holland made at this year’s trading deadline. At this point in the series, Edmonton have received exactly two combined points from Tyler Ennis and Andreas Athanasiou, who have both come from Ennis, who left halfway through yesterday’s game with an obvious injury that could keep him out in the long run. Athanasiou, whose services were secured for a second round and Sam Gagner of the “win-now” Oilers, are useless.

Of course, one can only imagine how well the Oilers’ front corps would do if their captain threw a few water bottles on the ice to set the tone.

3. The penalty death

Edmonton’s PK has been leaking. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images)

Once you have McDavid on your list, his mere presence gives you a number of things you no longer have to worry about. The Power game, for example, is one of those things, with the Oilers waking up this morning to the top of the Stanley Cup qualifiers with five power-play goals through three games.

Unfortunately, every rose has its own tag. After all, hockey is a two-way sport, which means that teams must also prevent goals in addition to scoring goals. Crazy, right? The Oilers are not so good in the last part.

Edmonton currently sits with a penalty hit efficiency of 75 percent and puts the 17th of the 24 teams in the qualifiers. The Oilers have also achieved this while they ranked first for a short time on the ice and spent 23:57 with at least one player in the penalty area.

McDavid, remember, is only responsible for two of those 24 minutes thanks to a minor penalty in Game 1 where he took part in all three of the team’s goals.

The penalty shootout also happens to be an aspect of the game – apart from the goalkeeper, that is – in which McDavid does not participate strongly. The constant MVP candidate has logged only 31 seconds with short-haired ice time to this point. The Oilers did not allow a goal in the 31 seconds.

can not stop pucks shot by them – a supporting role defeated by underperforming mid-to-bottom six tweeners earning top-six money, and a penalty kill sitting in the bottom third of the league thanks to a league’s leading penalty string is a game away from an early summer on due to lack of emotion from McDavid. “data-reactid =” 133 “> So, just to get this straight: the Edmonton Oilers and their two mediocre aging goal scorers – one who thinks he’s a defender and another who can not stop pucks shot by them – one supportive cast casted with underperforming mid-to-bottom six tweeners earn top-six money, and a penalty shootout sitting in the bottom-third of the league thanks to a league-leading penalty string is a game away from an early summer due to a lack of emotion from McDavid .

Makes full sense! And hockey analysis lives to fight another worthy day.

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