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The NHL is pulling the plug on the Bruins-Canes opener

Everyone knew that this 24-team Stanley Cup tournament would be unlike anything any of us have ever experienced in hockey.

But on the first day of the playoffs, things became even more violent than expected.

As today’s first game at the Scotiabank Arena between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Columbus Blue Jackets, which began at 3:09 p.m., pushed into a fifth overtime and continued six hours later, Game 1 for the Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes, scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. , was postponed to 11 on Wednesday. Brayden Point finally won it for Tampa in the fifth OT, but by then the decision to postpone had already been made.

Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy believes the league made the right decision to postpone. And the bubble set gives the league some flexibility to adapt when things do not go according to the script.


7;s obviously weird to wait that long and then find out that you may or may not be playing, then you start thinking ‘Well, is it productive to play at 10 at night?'” Cassidy said. “You start thinking about the safety of the players, the ice conditions, a number of things. With that said, what are the options for not playing? (Wednesday) there are two scheduled games already tomorrow at 3 and 8. It still comes out of your hands. As a coach, you just think about how to prepare your players who have sat for so long. It’s hard to answer because you usually do not go through it, especially the goal scorers. They have been calling all day, so it would have been tough on Tuukka (Rask) and (Petr) Mrazek for sure. “

Cassidy and his coach were given one of the bunker suites at the Scotiabank Arena, located under the saucer and across the hall from the locker rooms, and he and his staff watched the Tampa-Columbus game – the fourth longest game in history – as they tried to stay out of the way. for the participants who come and go in what sounds like a rather congested area with four teams nearby.

Cassidy started getting updates on contingency plans after either the first or second overtime before the plug was finally pulled when the jackets and bolts could not determine a winner during the fourth overtime. As much as he thought it was the right decision, it was not easy to decompress after all the preparation.

“It’s tough because we want to play,” Cassidy said. “If we come from a round robin, we feel that this is what we were ready for the whole season to be honest. This did not just happen last week. This started already in October when we were preparing to build our game against having another playoff. We leave that open. We called it unfinished business. So now we have done the prep work for the last ten days plus the two weeks on Warrior. We were ready to get started. There are 16 teams left and it’s the best of seven, your traditional playoffs. We were not disappointed to play (Tuesday), but as the night draws on, players begin to think “Are we going to play? Is it really happening?” So at 11 (Wednesday), we get the same feelings there. I really believe in it. And I believe that Carolina will be the same. ”

Now the Bs will play on back-to-back days, with the morning deal on Wednesday and another 20.00 on Thursday night. Games 5 and 6 were scheduled nights in a row and Cassidy was already thinking of using Jaroslav Halak somewhere in that situation. Now Halak could make an earlier appearance in this series.

“We will play the game first,” Cassidy said. The good news about back-to-back is that it’s a day and a half. Not really, but it’s a game at 11 and eight, so there’s a little more rest than usual, no travel involved. This may be due to Tuukka’s workload. We’ve discussing it with him. We are very comfortable with both goal scorers. “

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