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The NBA’s board is expected to approve the season format Thursday; July 31 target date to return, per reports

For months, the timeline for a potential return to the NBA season has been uncertain. Without even knowing if basketball would come back at all, it made no sense to speculate on a possible timeframe for doing so. But when the NBA’s plan to end the season at Disney World takes shape, some of the details will be seen. According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, NBA have put July 31 as target date for return. The NBA Board is expected to vote to approve Adam Silver’s recommendation on a format to resume the season next Thursday, June 4, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Right now 20-22 teams is expected to be invited to Orlando.

It would give the NBA about two months to complete organizing its Disney proposal and get its players back to speed physically with both individual workouts and a second training camp at training facilities. Teams participating in whatever format the regular season ended and the playoffs would then travel to Orlando and quarantine before basketball could begin again.

Starting games again in late July is a potential logistical problem for the next season. If the NBA is to maintain a seven-game series format for the season, it will need at least two months for the playoffs to be held seriously. If it also includes games in the regular season or play-in, it can push the season into October.

If the next season started on Christmas Day, as many have speculated, it would give players less than three months off before games started again. When training camps and for the season are taken into use, their vacation would be even shorter, which poses a potential risk of injury.

But there is no perfect solution here. Restarting this season too quickly would also involve potential injury risks, especially given the intensity of the playoffs. Jumping from months of straight into the postseason without enough preparation is just as dangerous, so the NBA is trying to balance all of these competing factors when it comes to setting a timeline. If that potentially means pushing the start of the next season back even further, it’s a birth control pill that the NBA must consider swallowing.

At present, nothing has been completed. League and affiliates are still working on the details of a potential return to the game, and the focus for the moment is on this season only before the next season comes in. As recently as a few months ago, any conclusion for the 2019-20 season seemed unlikely. If you get one means delaying the 2020-21 campaign, it’s a quote fans, players and owners seem more than happy to do.

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