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The Many Benefits of Berberine–the Powerful Supplement


One of the most effective natural food supplements available today is a compound called berberine. It has remarkable health benefits that have a positive effect on the human body at the molecular level.

Studies have shown that berberine causes weight loss, improves heart health, and lower blood sugar, to name some. Berberine pills are one of the few food supplements that can be as efficient as pharmaceutical drugs.


Berberine is a bioactive compound extracted from many different types of plant life, including a collection of shrubs named berberis. Theoretically speaking, it belongs to a group of compounds identified as alkaloids. It is commonly used as a coloring because it is yellow.

Berberine is also used to treat various illnesses, which is among the most effective in the history of traditional Chinese medicine. It is even proven in modern science that berberine has notable benefits for many different health dilemmas.


There are already hundreds of studies that are conducted to test the effectiveness of berberine. It has made known to have prevailing effects on several different biological systems. If berberine is taken in, it is carried out by the body, then it is transported inside the flow of blood around the body or into the bloodstream, and then it travels inside the cells of the body.

It changes functions after getting into the cells, binds to many different types of molecular targets. This process is also the same as to how a pharmaceutical drug works.

There are even detailed studies to prove the diverse and complicated biological mechanisms of medicines inside the human body. Nonetheless, one of the principal functions of berberine is to stimulate enzymes inside the body cells, which are called AMP-activated protein kinase. This type of enzyme is often referred to as a metabolic principal switch knob.

It is located inside the body cells of many organs, including the liver, muscle, heart, kidney, and brain. This enzyme portrays the most important role in normalizing metabolism. Berberine, on the other hand, concerns many molecules inside the cells, and it may even also influence the switch button of the genes.


Type two diabetes has caused millions of death every year. It is a serious illness that has become very common nowadays. It is described by the lack of insulin or caused by insulin resistance, which elevates the blood sugar level. After a while, high blood sugar levels can harm the body organs and tissues, which will lead to a shortened life span and several health problems.

Some studies show that berberine can drastically decrease blood sugar levels with people having type two diabetes. The result is even similar to the popular diabetes medicine, which is the metformin. It appears to work with different kinds of therapeutic mechanisms.

It also reduces insulin resistance, building the blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin extra efficient; it boosts glycolysis, which assists the body that breaks down the sugar in the cells; it also cuts off the sugar production in the liver; and slowly breaks down carbohydrates and improves the number of good bacteria in the gut.

Based on studies, berberine pills are as effective as oral diabetes medicine, which includes glipizide, rosiglitazone, and metformin. It works better with additive effects if administered with other good blood sugar-lowering medicines and by modifying the standard of living through regular exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet.