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The man who was not at the game says Browns banned him from the Beer Throwing Stadium

CLEVELAND – A Cleveland Browns fan is no longer welcome at FirstEnergy Stadium, but there is a problem. The team may be wrong.

Late in the fourth quarter of the Browns' loss to the Titans on Sunday, Tennessee cornerback Logan Ryan jumped into the stands to celebrate a touchdown. That's when a bearded Browns fan in a Baker Mayfield jersey threw beer at the player.

The Browns were quick to act after the NFL Players Association asked that they look into the fans. They identified him as Eric Smith and banned him indefinitely from the stadium.

On one count, there are 703 people named Eric Smith in the state of Ohio.

"The first call we got when I was in the office today was from the Browns and we have done work for the Browns. We book bands and DJs for them before so I was like OK, they only require some kind of evening and they need a little bit And that wasn't what the conversation was for, "Eric Smith said.

Smith, a local DJ for weddings and special events, said he stopped watching Brown's 201

0 and was at a wedding reception at the time of Sunday's game.

"He just kind of doubled down on everything like 'We know it was you.' And I got angry, I got really angry and I started raising my voice to him. And he said, 'You don't have to be defensive. If you are innocent, you would not be as defensive and if you are not a fan, as you say, then it will do nothing for you. "And I was, we're going to do things like that."

FOX 8 News was called by another Eric Smith who said he was on Browns vs. Titan's game near the bearded beer thrower, but it wasn't him. He said the Browns were abusing the whole situation.

We reached out to the Cleveland Browns for comment.

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