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The man reportedly jumps on the bridge at Disneyland's attraction, breaks it

Disneyland's premises are, of course, superfluous with daddy-instant daddy-moments – from a father who inadvertently cropping his own children from a photo with Buzz Lightyear to another who makes some fitting visecracks when recording a man who jumped off the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to retrieve his lost phone.

But rarely do they turn off all attractions throughout the day. Still, a parent triggered with something to prove such an incident on Sunday afternoon.

A father led his children into the jungle walk-through attraction, Tarzan & # 39; s Treehouse. Built in an 80-foot tall tree, the winding stairs of the tree house eventually rise up against a rope bridge for guests to carefully walk over. A witness told the Disney blog MiceChat that they saw the man jump hard on the bridge to show that his child would not break. It did.

Photos posted on Instagram revealed that one of the wooden boards had cracked all the way through an emergency evacuation and the indefinite closure of Tarzan's Treehouse. Guests stated that they could hear the sound of woodcutting when the incident occurred.

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The man has not been identified. Disneyland official Mike Long told SFGATE that he couldn't verify why or how the wood split was broken.

"A cast member saw the broken plank and reported it to our attraction team, who then closed the bridge for repair. Repairs were made overnight," he said, without mentioning the father.

Other park representatives told the Orange County Register that the attraction was closed around 4:45 pm and no one was injured.

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The agency got many people to respond to social media with a quick "this is why we can't have nice things, "while a few insisted" The Robinson family would take care of their tree house to fight the pirates. "The Swiss Family Treehouse attraction at Disneyland was replaced by Tarzan & # 39; s Treehouse after the movie's theatrical release in 1999.

Long said the attraction opened again on Monday morning.

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