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The man accused of Weymouth deaths is expected to be arraigned today

A 77-year-old resident was the second victim of a man who killed a police in a violent outbreak in Weymouth on Sunday morning, according to the woman's sister-in-law. 1

9659005] Vera Adams had been a widow for 25 years and had no children, according to her close.

"She was just a wonderful, wonderful person – do anything for you," says Sandra Boucher, 76, the sister of Adam's late husband Donald Adams.

Weymouth police officers Michael C. Chesna and Vera Adams were both allegedly killed by Emanuel "Manny" Lopes around 7.30 am on a normal quiet neighborhood near the South Shore Hospital where Lopes had crashed a car and then flew on foot from arriving officers .

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Lopes was captured and expected to be arraigned on Monday.

Chesna, father of two young children and an American army veteran, confronted Lopes as he claimed threw bells at a Burton Terrace home, according to the office of the Norfolk District Secretary Michael Morrisi.

Chesna, whose shift was scheduled to close at 8, went out of his cruiser, took his service weapon and commanded Lopes to stop throwing stones. Instead of stopping, Lopes Chesna based his head with a stone stole his gun and shot the officer in his head and chest with his own gun, prosecutor said.

Another Weymouth officer arrived to see Lope's stand over Chesna with a gun in his hand. The officer kicked at least one round through the windshield on his cruiser, injured Lopes in the leg, accused prosecutors.

Lopes started running. As he was persecuted, he fired Chesna's gun and sent at least two bullets through a sliding glass door to a home that killed a woman mortally. Prosecutors charged.

"Under shooting by Burton Terrace farms, one believes. Lopes released Officer Chesna's firearm three more times and hit a local resident in his home" on Torrey Street, Norfolk Assistant District Attorney Gregory Connor said.

Officials did not identify Adam on Monday. But a law enforcement official informed of the investigation confirmed her identity.

Lopes is expected to appear before the judge on Monday, but it is not yet clear whether arraignment will be held at the South Shore Hospital where he is being treated for the shot. wounds in his leg, or at the Quincy District Court, where Weymouth's arraignments are often held.

Lopes has been arrested by Weymouth police at least twice before. He was arrested in September 2017 for vandalism by a Weymouth dry cleaner, according to a police blot post.

Next month, Lopes was responsible for selling cocaine to minors in northern Weymouth, Patriot Ledger reported at that time. A report from the incident quoted the police as the president had "struggled with him before."

The results of both of these cases were not immediately available.

Chesna was also rushed to the South Shore Hospital, officials said. [19659005] The Chesna, who was married, had served in the Middle East Army. Chesna's father-in-law, Francis Doran, 78, Marshfield, said he was worried about Chesna's two young children.

"I do not know what will happen to Mike and Cindy's boy and girl. I do not know how much a 4 year old understands, how much a 9 year old understands," he said in a telephone interview. "They absolutely loved their dad."

Doran also spoke of his anger over slaying.

"This guy had no mercy," he said about Lopes. "What the hell is he shooting him for? A police is just a human."

Weymouth Police Commissioner Richard C. Grimes, who employed Chesna, commended his attitude to his work at a bleak news conference at Weymouth Police Station on Sunday.

"He was a great officer," said Grimes. "I would see him coming in from the street in the morning. He always had a kind word."

On Sunday afternoon, the residents of the area visited the police headquarters in Weymouth to leave blooms of bouquets and offer their compassions to officers. Outside, police, firemen and city workers began to lay black bunting over the building's entrance.

On Sunday evening, the flags at the police station were at the half-staff when the memory grew.

"They give so much and this is what happens to them," said Carol Manning after watching a memorial for about 20 minutes. "It's always late when you like to appreciate them."

Resident April Visco, 43, said she heard a quick succession of 10 to 20 shots around 7:30 and ran outside the house to see what was happening.

The scots rocked a suburban area on an otherwise quiet sunday morning. She heard someone scream three times: "Come on the ground," she said.

Several marked and unmarked police cruisers appeared on the scene in moments, she said, and she saw that a man was placed in a police cruiser about 20 minutes later. [19659005] After the police arrived, Visco saw several officers crying and hugging each other, she said.

Chesna's body was taken from South Shore Hospital to the state's medical examination office in the South End. Civil and police-lined Main Street as a black vehicle carrying it Agna Officer's body crossed.

According to a Facebook post, residents arrange a candle guard held at 19.00. Monday at Weymouth High School.

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