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The LA Teachers’ Association wants more money by knocking out the police, demanding medicine for everyone

United Teachers Los Angeles recently released a research paper on steps needed to open public schools safely in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, pointing to the need to free up additional funding by dropping police.

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“Police violence is a leading cause of death and trauma for black people, and is a serious public health and moral issue,” the magazine said, citing the American Public Health Association. “We need to move the astronomical amount of money spent on police work, education and other essential needs such as housing and public health.”


Teachers’ associations have long been criticized by Republicans as an extension of the Democratic Party. Republicans are likely to use the paper to support this claim. The union’s paper also targeted charter schools and reportedly called for a federal Medicare-for-All program.

The union’s paper did not offer a dollar amount to cut from the police. The Los Angeles office has already cut the LAPD budget by $ 150 million, saying the money will be earmarked for disadvantaged communities. The union did not immediately respond to an email from Fox News.

LAUSD said teachers want to come back into their classrooms, but asked, “Given broader societal conditions, how do we open physical schools in a way that ensures the benefits outweigh the risks, especially for our most vulnerable students and school communities?”

The essay pointed out that the minority “work communities, where people are more likely to have” essential “jobs” often have inadequate health care and face other risk factors, while “the benefits of economic recovery largely accrue to white and prosperous communities has been protected from the worst of the effects of the pandemic. “


Cecily Myart-Cruz, president of UTLA, said: “We all want to open schools and be back with our students, but lives are in balance. Security must be a priority. We must get this right for our communities.”

ABC 7 reported that 83 percent of UTLA members said schools should not reopen on August 18.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said on Sunday she intends to have American schools open for personal classes this fall, insisting that this can be done safely despite concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

“Parents expect that this fall, their children will have a full-time experience with their learning, and we must follow that promise,” DeVos told Fox News Sunday, emphasizing that “children cannot afford not to continue learning.”

The conflict between the Trump administration and the teachers’ unions for some is not surprising. Many state officials say that open schools are a state and local issue.

Trump has come into public feud with Democrats’ governors for going too slowly to reopen the country.

Trump’s theory has been that Democrats have been slow to reopen because as long as the country is locked in, the economy will not be able to fight back before November. Democrats point to the inclusion of new cases of coronavirus in some states and say the president is ruthless.

The authors of the LAUSD document make it clear that the leadership of the 35,000-member union believes that – even though the entire country has had to deal with the virus – the burden has not been shared evenly.

The essay called the common saying, “We are all in this together” a “platitude” that does not acknowledge the information showing the coronavirus has been a disproportionate burden for racial and ethnic minorities.

JustTheNews.com, founded by journalist John Solomon, first told LAUSD, which partially links to the resume of the police set. The report also pointed out that the union said that charter schools “drain resources from district schools.”


The call to abolish police departments has taken hold after protests erupted in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody in May.

“It’s time to take a stand on Trump’s dangerous, anti-scientific agenda that puts our members, students, and families in danger,” Myart-Cruz said.

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