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The Google details "Works with Nest" closes, Assistant Rountines

Last week at Google I / O, some new details were shared on the Nest brand. Specifically, Google announced that it meant that Nest and Home trademarks were "Google Nest" under one roof. However, a change that had users up in arms was the suspension of the Works with Nest program. Google has today posted an update on what this suspension means.

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In a blog post on The keyword addresses Google first and foremost what the shutdown Works with Nest means to consumers. For one thing, Google clarifies that current integration with Nest accounts will not be broken. While Google passes Nest to use the user's Google Accounts, it will not power upgrading users to it. However, new features will not be available.

Google further argues that the Work with Nest program will be replaced by Works with the Google Assistant program, which currently supports 30,000 units from over 3,500 partners. The company also highlights the integration with assistant routines.

A primary complaint from users with this program has apparently been the loss of Home / Away functionality. This allowed users to trigger routines based on when they left their homes or returned. Google says that later this year, Assistant Routines will add the same functionality that will apparently be able to change lights among other features depending on whether a user is at home or not.

One of the most popular features of WWN (Works with Nest) is to automatically trigger routines based on home / distance status. Later this year, we take the same functionality to Google Assistant and provide more device options that you can choose from. For example, you can turn your smart light bulbs off automatically when you leave your home. Routines can be created from Google's home or assistant apps and can be created with the hardware you already own. In addition, we make many improvements to install and manage routines to make them even easier to use.

Google also says it collaborates with partners on integration with Nest products after the shutdown. The company will stop approving new Works with Nest applications by the end of August. An example here is Amazon, which Google says it is working on migrating the Nest skill for the Amazon Alexa control. Google says partners with these customized integrations will undergo security audits as the goal of this change is to better control how Nest data is shared.

We acknowledge that you may want your Nest units to work with other connected ecosystems. We work with Amazon to migrate the Nest skill that lets you control your Nest thermostat and view your Nest camera live stream via Amazon Alexa. In addition, we work with other partners to offer related experiences that provide more customized integrations.

For these customized integrations, partners will undergo safety audits and we will check which data is shared and how it can be used. You will also have more control over which devices these partners will see by choosing specific devices you want to share.

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