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The FCC chair has serious concerns at the Sinclair Tribune

Instead of approving Sinclair's acquisition of Tribune of $ 3.9 billion, FCC chairman Ajit Pai has sent out a draft order requiring a hearing of a judge in the administrative court to "get to the bottom" of some proposed stationery .

When the FCC disputes issue this, it is not allowed to approve a transaction, said Pai. Instead, by law, it is legal to enter the transaction for a hearing to investigate the questions. The move can stop killing the deal.

"Due to a thorough review of the post, I am seriously concerned about the Sinclair / Tribune transaction. The evidence we have received suggests that certain divestments from the station proposed to the FCC would enable Sinclair to check these stations in Practice, although not in name, contrary to the law, Pai said in a statement Monday. [1

9659002] The only Democratic Commissioner, Jessica Rosenworcel, has raised several concerns about the agreement. She welcomed the move for an ALJ hearing. " As I noted earlier, too many of this agency's media policy has been adapted to support Sinclair Broadcasting business plans. With this hearing aid system, the agency will finally take a hard look at the proposed merger with Tribune. This is delayed and favoritism so this has to end, "she said in a statement, announcing that she voted to approve the draft order.

Groups and companies including DISH and ACA have called on the FCC to deny the agreement. to submit an application to deny but called on the agency to ensure that stations sold to comply with the shipping rules are sold to arm-length buyers. The cable organization said that the current plan has Sinclair, which sells six stations to buyers who are closely related to the company. The Commission's review is also necessary in view of Sinclair's results to conduct control of negotiation of stations with which it has a business relationship, despite rules that directly prohibit it from doing so, "pointed out NCTA, pointing out a 2016 consensus on nearly $ 9.5 million after Media Bureau found that Sinclair had negotiated retrans on behalf of or coordinated forha interactions with 35 non-Sinclair stations.

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