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The FBI is trying to interview the whistleblower

The FBI has asked to interview the CIA whistleblower whose complaint concerned the Ukraine impeachment investigation, a source directly familiar with the matter told NBC News.

The whistleblower has not yet agreed to an interview, the source says.

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A source for law enforcement said the FBI is not investigating the whistle – the agency wants to talk to him.

The FBI request was first reported by Yahoo News, which said that some FBI officials were disturbed by the Justice Department's refusal to investigate the bell from the bell after a criminal referral was transmitted from the intelligence community's Inspector General.

FBI spokesmen and the Justice Department did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

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Justice Department officials said they were reviewing the criminal referral based on whistleblowers' complaints and decided it should be no investigation. They said they are only investigating the issue of a campaign funding crime occurred, and they have never explained why they did not consider bribery, blackmail or other possible crimes.

The whistle was not the July 25 conversation between President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president and is not considered a first-hand witness to some of the most important moments in the Ukraine case. The whistleblower brought together the concerns conveyed by other colleagues in the National Security Council and forwarded them in a written complaint to the inspector general for the intelligence environment.

Since the whistleblower is not a first-hand witness, the congressional Democrats have decided they do not need the person's testimony and the ongoing gun hearings. Republicans, on the other hand, have called for the whistleblower to be introduced to testify to what critics see as a bid to reveal the person's identity.

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