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The EU is not ready to handle external influence

Campaign financing is another sensitive topic in Europe. There is no common European rule for party financing. Instead, parties in certain jurisdictions must comply with their own rules.

"(European) leaders have so far failed to deal with a major vulnerability, namely that foreign money can flow unhindered in campaigns in a number of Member States," Kristine Berzina, a member of the Alliance to secure democracy, a national security advocacy group, said in an October article in October.

According to the International Institute for Democracy and Election Assistance, four of the 28 European countries have no restrictions on foreign donations to political parties. They are Belgium, Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands. This means that an Italian political party, for example, can get funding from a third country without it being illegal.

Eleven other countries have partial restrictions on foreign donations. And only 1

3 have full bans.

A spokesman for the European Parliament told CNBC that the institution is contributing to the financing of European political parties through the budget. Up to 85% of party spending is repayable from the European Parliament, while the remainder is covered by the party's own funds.

But the same spokesman also said that the funding rules for national political parties are beyond the remit of the European Parliament and as such cannot comment on the issue.

European citizens vote on national parties to represent them in the European Parliament. The chosen ones then choose which European political group they want to be a part of. According to the spokesmen there is funding for the latter, but no monitoring of funding at national level.

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